1905 Calabria earthquake

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1905 Calabria earthquake
1905 Calabria earthquake is located in Calabria
1905 Calabria earthquake
Date September 8, 1905 (1905-09-08)
Magnitude 6.7–7.9 Magnitude Richter
Epicenter 38°40′N 16°04′E / 38.67°N 16.07°E / 38.67; 16.07Coordinates: 38°40′N 16°04′E / 38.67°N 16.07°E / 38.67; 16.07
Areas affected Calabria, Italy
Tsunami Yes
Casualties 557 to 5,000 dead

Striking southern Italy on September 8, the 1905 Calabria earthquake killed between 557[1] and 5,000 people[2] and damaged at least 14,000 houses in the epicentral area alone. The first major earthquake of the 20th century, it damaged parts of Lipari Island and Messina Province.


With a magnitude between 6.7–6.8 on the Richter scale, the earthquake was centered on Calabria.[3]

Damage and casualties[edit]

The earthquake affected the Calabria region, destroying as many as 25 villages and killing over 5,000 according to BBC.[2] Alternatively, United States Geological Survey lists the fatality count at 557 people.[1]

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