1905 Square (Yekaterinburg)

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1905 Square
Native nameПлощадь 1905 года
Former name(s)Cathedral Square
LocationYekaterinburg, Russia
Known forThe square is named after the 1905 Russian Revolution.

1905 Square (Russian: Площадь 1905 годa) also translated as the Square of 1905 is a square in Yekaterinburg, Russia. It is the oldest square in Yekaterinburg.[1]The existence of the square goes back over 200 years. The centrepiece of the area is the Exaltation of God Cathedral, which at the time, had a bell tower which ross to a height of 88 metres, the highest point in the city. Other landmarks includes a statue of Vladimir Lenin.

The square was inaugurated with it's current name in 1917, when the newly appointed Soviet authorities in the city who took power as a result of the October Revolution renamed the square after the victims of the 1905 Russian Revolution.[2] On 29 December 1989, a protest took place on the square in front of the City Council building, protesting the actions of the National Communist Party of the Soviet Union.[3][4]


  • Since 1947, New Year's Eve celebrations take place on the square.[5]
  • Before 1991, military parades of the Yekaterinburg Garrison and demonstrations of workers in honor of May 1 and Revolution Day took place on the square. Since the fall of the USSR, the only parades that take place on the square are in honor of Victory Day.
  • During his tenure as First Secretary of the Sverdlovsk Communist Party, Boris Yeltsin worked on the square in one of the administrative buildings.



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