1907 Punjab unrest

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The 1907 Punjab unrests were a period of unrest in the British Indian province of Punjab, principally around the Colonisation bill that was implemented in the province in 1906. This timeline has often been called the beginning of the freedom movement in Punjab. Important leaders of this movement include Lala Lajpat Rai, Het Thakkar, among others.

Colonisation Bill[edit]

The Colonisation Bill was passed in 1906. The Punjab Land Alienation Act, 1900 had already caused a feeling of discontent among the elite urban classes, and the Colonisation Bill provided for transfer of property of a person after his death to the government if he had no heirs. The Government could sell the property to any public or private developer. This was completely against the social conditions prevailing in the region and hence it was rejected by all the sides.[citation needed]


The agitation against these measures of the Government was led by Lala Lajpat Rai, he called for "extreme measures". The first of the protests was organised in the Chenab Colony, which was supposed to be the most affected by this bill. The first protest saw various organisations submitting memoranda to the government to redress their grievances, but the government failed to pay any heed to these documents. This agitation was followed by a protest at Lyallpur. These agitations led to the formation of secret societies like Anjuman-i- Muhibhan-i- Watan, the founder of which was Ajit Singh, a Jat Sikh who was believed to have the backing of Lajpat Rai. This period saw mass agitations which finally ended in the deportation of both Rai and Ajit Singh

Rebellion by Jat Paltan[edit]

In 1907, around the time of Partition of Bengal (1905), the soldiers of Jat paltan revolted and sided with Bengali revolutionaries to takeover the government treasury. Their revolt was crushed by British colonists and several Jat soldiers had to suffer long imprisonment sentences.[1]


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