1908 Copa del Rey

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1908 Copa del Rey
Country Spain
Teams 2
Champions Madrid FC
Matches played 1
Goals scored 3 (3 per match)

The Copa del Rey 1908 was the 6th edition of the Copa del Rey.

Athletic de Bilbao refused to participate, disgusted with the attitude of the people of Madrid in some games of the previous tournament. Others teams invited, like the Catalan champion X Sporting Club, decline the invitation for economical reasons. Finally, only two teams were inscribed: Madrid FC and Real Vigo Sporting.

The tournament was won by Madrid FC, who claimed their fourth Cup title in a row.


12 April 1908
Madrid FC 2 – 1 Vigo Sporting
Sánchez Neyra Goal 41'
Federico Revuelto Goal 2T'
Posada Goal 85'
O'Donnell, Madrid
Attendance: 4,000
Referee: Spain Ávalos

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Copa del Rey 1908 Winners
Madrid FC
4th Title


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