1909 Copa del Rey

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1909 Copa del Rey
Country Spain
Teams 5
Champions Club Ciclista
Matches played 4
Goals scored 17 (4.25 per match)
Top goal scorer(s) Scotland McGuinness
(6 goals)

The Copa del Rey 1909 was the 7th edition of the Copa del Rey.

The competition started on April 4, 1909, and concluded on April 8, 1909, with the Final, held at the O'Donnell, in Madrid, in which Club Ciclista de San Sebastián lifted the trophy for the first time ever with a 3–1 victory over Español Madrid.

Club Ciclista de San Sebastián are the predecessors of Real Sociedad, after winning the cup trophy, on 7 September 1909 the players of Club Ciclista founded a new in club in San Sebastián, called Vasconia, later they changed the name in Real Sociedad. The trophy of Copa del Rey 1909 is in Real Sociedad museum.[1]

First round[edit]

4 April 1909
Club Ciclista 4–2 Athletic de Bilbao
McGuinness Goal
McGuinness Goal
Simmons Goal -' (pen.)
McGuinness Goal -' (pen.)
[2] Saura Goal -' (pen.)
Mortimer Goal
O'Donnell, Madrid
Referee: Spain Manuel Yarza


5 April 1909
Español de Madrid 3–2 FC Barcelona
 ? Goal
 ? Goal
 ? Goal
[3] Forns Goal
Wallace Goal
O'Donnell, Madrid
Referee: Spain Montojo

6 April 1909
Club Ciclista 2–0 Galicia FC
McGuinness Goal
McGuinness Goal
O'Donnell, Madrid
Referee: ?


8 April 1909
Club Ciclista 3–1 Español de Madrid
McGuinness Goal 30' (pen.)
Simmons Goal 47'
Miguel Sena Goal 2T'
[4] José Giralt Goal 2T'
O'Donnell, Madrid
Referee: Spain Almasqué
Copa del Rey 1909 Winners
Club Ciclista
1st Title