1911 Albanian Superliga

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Albanian Superliga
Season 1911
Champions Tirana

Statistics of Albanian Superliga in the 1911 season. This event (Albania then part of Ottoman Empire) is not officially recognized from AFA.


The event, recently revealed by historians to be the very first championship ever played in Albania, is not recognized by AFA (AFA has been founded 19 years later). The rounds were played in a one-legged format, similar to those of European competitions. The event started on April, 7th with quarter-finals, semi-finals were played out on April 11 & 12, then ended on April 14 with the final match. All matches, including the final, were played in Fier. It was contested by 8 teams and Tirana won the championship..[1] [2]

Quarter Finals[edit]

In this round entered 8 teams. Matches were played between April, 7th & 10th, 1911.

Team 1  Score  Team 2
Tirana 9-4 Elbasani
Kavaja 8-2 Berati
Peqini 11-3 Vlora
Fieri 6-2 Lushnja


In this round entered the four winners from the previous round. Matches were played on April 11 and 12, 1911.

Team 1  Score  Team 2
Tirana 4-0 Kavaja
Fieri 2-16 Peqini


14 April 1911
Tirana 6 – 1 Peqini