1911 Copa del Rey

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1911 Copa del Rey
Country Spain
Teams 10
Defending champions FC Barcelona
Champions Athletic Bilbao
Runners-up CD Español
Matches played 8
Goals scored 27 (3.38 per match)

The Copa del Rey 1911 was the 10th staging of the Copa del Rey.

The competition started on April 9, 1911, and concluded on April 15, 1911, with the Final, held at the Josaleta Stadium in Getxo, in which Athletic Bilbao lifted the trophy for the 5th time ever with a 3–1 victory over CD Español. This Tournament should have been 13 teams, but 3 teams withdrew, and another 3 teams withdrew during the competition.


RC Deportivo de la Coruña and Academia de Ingenieros withdrew the competition before it started. They were against fielding foreign players in the teams. During the tournament, there were more protests and withdrew threats of some teams. After the first round match between Athletic Bilbao and Fortuna Vigo, Real Sociedad contested the match, claiming illegal lineup of two English players in Athletic Bilbao. The Football Federation rejected the claim and Real Sociedad withdrew immediately. The rest of teams supported Real Sociedad and threatened to withdrew. Finally, Athletic decided not to lineup those players in their matches, but refused to replay the match against Fortuna Vigo.

Preliminary round[edit]

April 9, 1911
Athletic Bilbao 2–0 Fortuna Vigo
Martyn Veitch Goal
Alejandro Smith Ybarra Goal
Josaleta Stadium, Getxo
Referee: Spain Tojo



April 10, 1911
CD Español 6–0 Academia de Infantería
 ? Goal
 ? Goal
 ? Goal
 ? Goal
 ? Goal
 ? Goal
Josaleta Stadium, Getxo
Referee: ?

April 12, 1911
FC Barcelona 4–0
Sociedad Gimnástica
Percy Wallace Goal
Percy Wallace Goal
Percy Wallace Goal
Patullo Goal
Josaleta Stadium, Getxo
Referee: Spain Presidente


April 12, 1911
Athletic Bilbao 4–1 Bilbao FC
Severino Zuazo Goal
José María Belauste Goal
Remigio Iza Goal
Arbaiza Goal
Rafael Moreno "Pichichi" Goal
Josaleta Stadium, Getxo
Referee: England Martyn Veitch



April 14, 1911
Athletic Bilbao 2–0
Sociedad Gimnástica
Martyn Veitch Goal
Severino Zuazo Goal
Josaleta Stadium, Getxo
Referee: England Slopp



15 April 1911
Athletic Bilbao 3–1 CD Español
Martyn Veitch Goal
Luis Belaunde Goal
Manolo Guernica Goal
Goal Neira
Josaleta Stadium, Getxo
Referee: England Scott Martyr

[8] [9]

Copa del Rey 1911 Winners
Athletic Bilbao
4th Title



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