1912 South Carolina gubernatorial election

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The 1912 South Carolina gubernatorial election was held on November 5, 1912, to select the governor of the state of South Carolina. Governor Coleman Livingston Blease won the Democratic primary and won the general election to earn a second two-year term.

Democratic primary[edit]

Governor Coleman Livingston Blease ran for a second term, but he faced a credible challenge in the state Democratic primary against Ira B. Jones. Senator Ben Tillman felt that Blease had greatly damaged the reputation of the state and was morally unfit to be governor, but because his re-election was on the same ballot he feared to openly oppose Blease so as to cause his own political downfall. Nevertheless, Tillman published a letter at the last minute stating his opposition to Blease. It was rather ironic because Tillman was essentially aiding the very people he had opposed in his 1890 gubernatorial contest. Despite Tillman's objection, Blease won the primary election on August 27 and avoided a runoff election by obtaining more than 50 percent of the vote.

Democratic Primary
Candidate Votes %
Coleman Livingston Blease 71,552 51.0
Ira B. Jones 66,478 47.3
John T. Duncan 2,385 1.7

General election[edit]

The general election was held on November 5, 1912, when Coleman Livingston Blease was officially re-elected governor of South Carolina. Turnout increased over the previous gubernatorial election because there was also a presidential election on the ballot.

South Carolina Gubernatorial Election, 1912
Party Candidate Votes % ±
Democratic Coleman Livingston Blease 44,122 99.5 -0.5
Socialist R.B. Britton 208 0.5 +0.5
Majority 43,914 99.0 -1.0
Turnout 44,330
Democratic hold
  65+% won by Blease

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