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Country Iceland
Confederation UEFA
Founded 1912
Number of teams 12
Level on pyramid 1st
Relegation to 1. deild karla
Domestic cup(s) Bikarkeppni karla
International cup(s) UEFA Champions League
UEFA Europa League
Current champions FH
Most championships KR (26)
TV partners 365 Miðlar ehf.
Website www.ksi.is
2016 Úrvalsdeild

The Úrvalsdeild karla (Icelandic pronunciation: [ˈurvalsˌteilt ˈkʰartla], Men's Select Division) is the highest football league in Iceland.[1] Because of the harsh winters in Iceland, it is generally played in the spring and summer (May to September). It is administered by the Football Association of Iceland (KSI) and is contested by 12 teams. At the end of the 2012–2013 season, the UEFA ranked the league 36th in Europe.[2] From 27 April 2009, the league has been known as Pepsi deildin (e. "The Pepsi League") due to a three-year sponsorship deal with Ölgerðin (the Icelandic franchisee for Pepsi).[3]

The league includes 12 clubs who play each other two times, once at home and once away. The two teams with the fewest points at the end of the season are relegated to 1. deild karla (First Division) and replaced by the top two teams of that division. Internationally, the winner of the Úrvalsdeild enters the UEFA Champions League in the second qualifying round. Second, third and fourth placed teams qualify for the UEFA Europa League in the first qualifying round.

For the first time in the competition's history, the 2008 season saw 12 teams compete in the premier division, a part of KSI's attempt to strengthen Icelandic football. Therefore, only one team was relegated in the 2007 season and three clubs were promoted from the First Division.

KR hold the most titles, with 26, Valur is next with 20, while ÍA and Fram Reykjavík follow with 18 each. FH holds 7 and Víkingur has retained 5 championship titles. The current champions of Iceland are FH.

Current clubs (2016)[edit]

Club Location Position
in 2015
First season in
First season of
current spell in
Breiðablik Kópavogur 2nd
FH Hafnarfjörður 1st (Champions)
Fjölnir Reykjavík 6th
Fylkir Reykjavík 8th
ÍA Akranes 7th
ÍBV Vestmannaeyjar 10th
KR Reykjavík 3rd
Stjarnan Garðabær 4th
Valur Reykjavík 5th
Víkingur Reykjavík Reykjavík 9th
Víkingur Ólafsvík Ólafsvík 1st, 1. deild karla
Þróttur Reykjavík Reykjavík 2nd, 1. deild karla


Championship history[edit]

Only 11 teams in over 100 years have won the Icelandic league title. Stjarnan Garðabær are the most recent to join the list, winning their first title in 2014. KR has won the most titles. They have been Iceland's champions 26 times.

As can be expected, the league has been dominated by teams from the Capital Region which contains nearly two thirds of Iceland's population. Only four teams from outside the GRA have ever won the league (Keflavík, ÍA, ÍBV and KA) – and among those teams, ÍBV and KA (who have won a combined four titles) are the only teams located more than an hour's drive from Reykjavík to have won the league.

*There was no competition in 1913 and 1914, and Fram Reykjavík was awarded the title.

Champions by number of titles[edit]

Team Titles First title Last title
KR 26 1912 2013
Valur 20 1930 2007
ÍA 18 1951 2001
Fram 18 1913 1990
FH 7 2004 2015
Víkingur 5 1920 1991
Keflavík 4 1964 1973
ÍBV 3 1979 1998
KA 1 1989 1989
Breiðablik 1 2010 2010
Stjarnan 1 2014 2014

Season by season records[edit]

Top scorers of all times[edit]

2013 Iceland Tryggvi Guðmundsson 131 ÍBV, KR, FH, Fylkir
1987 Iceland Ingi Björn Albertsson 126 Valur, FH

Top scorers[edit]

1980 Iceland Matthias Hallgrimsson 15 Valur
1981 Iceland Sigurlás Þorleifsson
Iceland Larus Gudmundsson
12 ÍBV
Víkingur R.
1982 Iceland Sigurlás Þorleifsson
Iceland Heimir Karlsson
10 ÍBV
Víkingur R.
1983 Iceland Ingi Björn Albertsson 14 Valur
1984 Iceland Guðmundur Steinsson 10 Fram
1985 Iceland Omar Torfason 13 Fram
1986 Iceland Gudmundur Torfason 19 Fram
1987 Iceland Petur Ormslev 12 Fram
1988 Iceland Sigurjón Kristjánsson 13 Valur
1989 Iceland Hörður Magnússon 12 FH
1990 Iceland Hörður Magnússon 13 FH
1991 Iceland Hörður Magnússon
Iceland Guðmundur Steinsson
13 FH
Víkingur R.
1992 Iceland Arnar Gunnlaugsson 15 ÍA
1993 Iceland Þórður Guðjónsson 19 ÍA
1994 Serbia and Montenegro Mihajlo Biberčić 14 ÍA
1995 Iceland Arnar Gunnlaugsson 15 ÍA
1996 Iceland Ríkharður Daðason 14 KR
1997 Iceland Tryggvi Guðmundsson 19 ÍBV
1998 Iceland Steingrímur Jóhannesson 16 ÍBV
1999 Iceland Steingrímur Jóhannesson 12 ÍBV
2000 Iceland Guðmundur Steinarsson
Iceland Andri Sigþórsson
14 Keflavík
2001 Iceland Hjörtur Hjartarson 15 ÍA
2002 Iceland Grétar Hjartarson 13 Grindavík
2003 Iceland Björgólfur Takefusa 10 Þróttur R.
2004 Iceland Gunnar Heiðar Þorvaldsson 12 ÍBV
2005 Iceland Tryggvi Guðmundsson 16 FH
2006 Iceland Marel Baldvinsson 11 Breiðablik
2007 Iceland Jónas Grani Garðarsson 13 Fram
2008 Iceland Guðmundur Steinarsson 16 Keflavík
2009 Iceland Björgólfur Takefusa 16 KR
2010 Gabon Gilles Daniel Mbang Ondo 14 Grindavík
2011 Iceland Garðar Jóhannsson 15 Stjarnan
2012 Iceland Atli Guðnason 12 FH
2013 Iceland Atli Viðar Björnsson
Iceland Viðar Örn Kjartansson
England Gary Martin
13 FH
2014 England Gary Martin 13 KR
2015 Denmark Patrick Pedersen 13 Valur

Player of the year[edit]

1984 Iceland Bjarni Sigurðsson ÍA
1985 Iceland Guðmundur Þorbjörnsson Valur
1986 Iceland Guðmundur Torfason Fram
1987 Iceland Pétur Ormslev Fram
1988 Iceland Sigurjón Kristjánsson Valur
1989 Iceland Þorvaldur Örlygsson KA
1990 Iceland Sævar Jónsson Valur
1991 Iceland Guðmundur Steinsson Víkingur R.
1992 Iceland Lúkas Kostic ÍA
1993 Iceland Sigurður Jónsson ÍA
1994 Iceland Sigursteinn Gíslason ÍA
1995 Iceland Ólafur Þórðarson ÍA
1996 Iceland Gunnar Oddsson Leiftur
1997 Iceland Tryggvi Guðmundsson ÍBV
1998 Scotland David Winnie KR
1999 Iceland Guðmundur Benediktsson KR
2000 Iceland Hlynur Stefánsson ÍBV
2001 Iceland Gunnlaugur Jónsson ÍA
2002 Iceland Finnur Kolbeinsson Fylkir
2003 Denmark Allan Borgvardt FH
2004 Iceland Heimir Guðjónsson FH
2005 Denmark Allan Borgvardt FH
2006 Iceland Viktor Bjarki Arnarsson Víkingur R.
2007 Iceland Helgi Sigurðsson Valur
2008 Iceland Guðmundur Steinarsson Keflavík
2009 Iceland Atli Guðnason FH
2010 Iceland Alfreð Finnbogason Breiðablik
2011 Iceland Hannes Þór Halldórsson KR
2012 Iceland Atli Guðnason FH
2013 Iceland Björn Daníel Sverrisson FH
2014 Iceland Ingvar Jónsson Stjarnan
2015 Iceland Emil Pálsson FH

Young player of the year[edit]

1984 Iceland Guðni Bergsson Valur
1985 Iceland Halldór Áskelsson Þór Akureyri
1986 Iceland Gauti Laxdal Fram
1987 Iceland Rúnar Kristinsson KR
1988 Iceland Arnljótur Davíðsson Fram
1989 Iceland Ólafur Gottskálksson ÍA
1990 Iceland Steinar Guðgeirsson Fram
1991 Iceland Arnar Grétarsson Breiðablik
1992 Iceland Arnar Gunnlaugsson ÍA
1993 Iceland Þórður Guðjónsson ÍA
1994 Iceland Eiður Smári Guðjohnsen Valur
1995 Iceland Tryggvi Guðmundsson ÍBV
1996 Iceland Bjarni Guðjónsson ÍA
1997 Iceland Sigurvin Ólafsson ÍBV
1998 Iceland Ólafur Þór Gunnarsson ÍR
1999 Iceland Grétar Hjartarson Grindavík
2000 Iceland Helgi Valur Daníelsson Fylkir
2001 Iceland Grétar Rafn Steinsson ÍA
2002 Iceland Gunnar Heiðar Þorvaldsson ÍBV
2003 Iceland Ólafur Ingi Skúlason Fylkir
2004 Iceland Emil Hallfreðsson FH
2005 Iceland Hörður Sveinsson Keflavik
2006 Iceland Birkir Sævarsson Valur
2007 Iceland Matthías Vilhjálmsson FH
2008 Iceland Jóhann Berg Guðmundsson Breiðablik
2009 Iceland Alfreð Finnbogason Breiðablik
2010 Iceland Kristinn Steindórsson Breiðablik
2011 Iceland Þórarinn Ingi Valdimarsson ÍBV
2012 Iceland Jón Daði Böðvarsson Selfoss
2013 Iceland Arnór Ingvi Traustason Keflavík
2014 Iceland Elías Már Ómarsson Keflavík
2015 Iceland Höskuldur Gunnlaugsson Breiðablik


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