1914 United States elections

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1914 United States elections
Midterm elections
Election dayNovember 3
Incumbent presidentWoodrow Wilson (Democratic)
Next Congress64th
Senate elections
Overall controlDemocratic Hold
Seats contested33 of 96 seats
(32 Class 3 seats + 3 special elections)[1]
Net seat changeDemocratic +3
US 1914 senate election map.svg
1914 Senate election results

  Democratic gain   Democratic hold
  Republican gain   Republican hold

House elections
Overall controlDemocratic Hold
Seats contestedAll 435 voting seats
Net seat changeRepublican +62
Gubernatorial elections
Seats contested31
Net seat changeRepublican +2
1914 gubernatorial election results

  Democratic gain   Democratic hold
  Republican gain   Republican hold
  Progressive hold

The 1914 United States elections elected the members of the 64th United States Congress, occurring in the middle of Democratic President Woodrow Wilson's first term. Democrats retained control of both houses of Congress, the first time they were able to do so since the American Civil War (1861-1865).

Republicans won massive gains in the House, but Democrats maintained a solid majority in the chamber.[2]

In the first Senate election since the passage of the 17th Amendment, Democrats won small gains, maintaining control of the chamber.[3]

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