1915 American Cup

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The 1915 American Cup was the annual open cup held by the American Football Association. The Scottish-Americans, after two previous final appearances, won their first American Cup by overcoming the Brooklyn Celtics 1-0 in the championship game.

American Cup Bracket[edit]

Second roundQuarter-finalsSemi-finalsFinal
November 29
January 3 - Newark
Alley Boys1
December 20 - Yonkers
Victor F.C.1
Yonkers F.C.1
March 14 - Newark
Victor F.C.3
West Hudson A.A.1
West Hudson A.A.2-5
December 27 - Harrison
Babcock & Wilcox2-0
West Hudson A.A.4
November 26 - Tacony
Disston A.A.1
Disston A.A.3
April 18 - Newark
Bridgeport City1
Brooklyn Celtic0
Jersey A.C.4
January 10 - Jersey City
Fall River Rovers2
Jersey A.C.0
Brooklyn Celtic1
Brooklyn Celtic8
March 14 - Brooklyn
Paterson Olympics2
Brooklyn Celtic2
November 28
Bethlehem Steel1
Bethlehem Steel3
January 9 - Bethlehem
Clan MacDonald0
Bethlehem Steel6
Farr Alpaca F.C.1
General Electric F.C.3*
Farr Alpaca F.C.2

(*) protested


Kearny Scots (NJ)1–0Brooklyn Celtic (NY)
Archie Stark[1] (Report)
Bartell’s Park; Newark, New Jersey
Attendance: 5,000
Referee: George Young

Scots- GK Joe Knowles, DF Mike Toman(c), Barry, MF Tom Stark, George P Rogers Sr, Alex Montieth, FW Joe Hemmesley, Archie Stark, Angus Whiston, Eddie Holt, Bunt Forlar.
Celts- GK Mather, DF Robertson, McWilliams, MF Flanigan, McElroy, McGreevey, FW Campton, Lonie, O'Halloran, Mike King, McQueen.

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