1915 Newfoundland prohibition referendum

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A referendum on the introduction of prohibition was held in Newfoundland on 4 November 1915.[1] It would prohibit unauthorised people from possessing or consuming any drinks with an alcohol content of more than 2%.[1]

The rules required that at least 40% of registered voters vote in favour of the proposal for it to pass.[1] With 24,956 voting in favour, the quorum of 24,581 was narrowly passed and prohibition was introduced on 1 January 1917.[1] It remained in force until 1924, after which a quota system for purchasing alcoholic drinks was introduced.[1] This was scrapped on 31 March 1966.[1]


Choice Votes %
For 24,956 82.31
Against 5,362 17.69
Invalid/blank votes
Total 30,318 100
Registered voters/turnout 71.30
Source: Direct Democracy