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1915 in jazz
Jelly Roll Blues 1915.jpg
Jelly Roll Morton published "Jelly Roll Blues" in 1915, the first jazz work in print.
Decade Pre-1920 in jazz
Music 1915 in music
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This is a timeline documenting events of Jazz in the year 1915.


  • The exact year in which the musical style called jazz began is subject to debate, as are the origins of the word and what exactly qualifies as jazz. Certainly, the term had come to be used by 1915 for a form of music based on New Orleans Ragtime music. Some of the earliest standards first appeared in 1915, and some musicians who went on to become famous in the golden age of jazz were born in that year.[1]
  • Tom Brown's band from New Orleans goes to Chicago, Illinois and start advertising themselves as a "Jas Band"[citation needed]


  • Some credit the first jazz recordings to Afro-Creole pianist Jelly Roll Morton. His "Jelly Roll Blues", which he composed around 1905, was published in 1915 as the first jazz arrangement in print, introducing more musicians to the New Orleans style.[2]



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