1918 Waterford City by-election

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The Waterford City by-election of 1918 was held on 29 March 1918. The by-election was held due to the death of the incumbent Irish Parliamentary MP, John Redmond. The Irish Parliamentary candidate William Redmond,[1] his son, defeated Vincent White, the Sinn Féin candidate, by 1,242 votes to 764.[2] Redmond had resigned his seat in East Tyrone to contest the seat.[3]

Famously Redmond campaigned in his army uniform and wearing a black armband. His victory was the second defeat of Sinn Féin at by-elections and gave a big, albeit temporary, boost to the morale of supporters of the Irish Parliamentary Party. Although he retained his seat in the general election of December that year, he did not take part in the First Dáil.

By-election 29 March 1918: Waterford City.[4]
Party Candidate Votes % ±
Irish Parliamentary William Redmond 1242 61.9
Sinn Féin Vincent White 764 38.1
Majority 478 23.8
Turnout 2,006
Irish Parliamentary hold Swing


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