1918 in Australia

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1918 in Australia
Monarchy George V
Governor-General Ronald Munro-Ferguson
Prime minister Billy Hughes
Population 5,029,403
Elections South Australia, Queensland

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1918 in Australia was dominated by national participation in World War I. The Australian Corps was formed at the beginning of the year from the five divisions of the First Australian Imperial Force played a significant role in the Allied victory.


State premiers[edit]

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World War I events[edit]

Arts and literature[edit]




  • 14 July – James White (born 1861), sculptor
  • 12 September – Sir George Reid (born 1845), Premier of NSW (1894–1899) and Prime Minister (1904–1905)
  • 10 October – Henry Dobson (born 1841), Premier of Tasmania (1892–1894)
  • 12 October – Mary Hannay Foott (born 1846), poet
  • 7 December – Frank Wilson (born 1859), Premier of Western Australia (1910–1911)

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