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James Joyce in 1918

—Closing line of "Anthem for Doomed Youth" by Wilfred Owen

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India in English[edit]

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United States[edit]

Other in English[edit]

Works published in other languages[edit]



  • Kurd Adler, Wiederkehr: Gedichte
  • Wilhelm Runge, Das Denken träumt

Spanish language[edit]

  • Gerardo Diego, El romancero de la novia ("The Bride's Ballads"), Spain[15]
  • Federico García Lorca, Impressiones y paisajes ("Impressions and Landscapes"), Spain
  • César Vallejo, Los heraldos negros ("The Black Heralds" [16]) the author's first book is "a bitter interpretation of provincial life" which "represented a break with symbolism and had a profound effect upon contemporary poetry in Peru[17]

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John McCrae's grave at Wimereux cemetery

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Killed in World War I[edit]

Sgt. Joyce Kilmer, American poet and a member of the 69th Volunteer Infantry Unit

Died in the 1918 flu pandemic[edit]

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