1919 Victorian Legislative Council election

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Elections were held in the Australian state of Victoria on Thursday 5 June 1919 to elect 17 of the 34 members of the state's Legislative Council.


Legislative Council[edit]

Victorian Legislative Council election, 5 June 1919[1]
Legislative Council
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Enrolled voters 317,619
Votes cast 40,397 Turnout 12.7 +2.8
Informal votes 851 Informal 2.1 +1.3
Summary of votes by party
Party Primary votes % Swing Seats
  Nationalist 21,572 54.5 13 27
  Labor 9,419 23.8 −7.7 3 6
  Victorian Farmers 1 1
  Other 8,555 21.6 0 0
Total 39,546     17 34

Retiring Members[edit]



Sitting members are shown in bold text. Successful candidates are highlighted in the relevant colour. Where there is possible confusion, an asterisk (*) is also used.

A by-election for Melbourne North, to fill the vacancy caused by Donald Melville's death, was held concurrently with this election and is shown below.

Province Held by Labor candidates Nationalist candidates VFU candidates Independent candidates
Bendigo Nationalist Alfred Hicks
East Yarra Nationalist William Edgar Frank Cornwall
Gippsland Nationalist George Davis
Melbourne Nationalist Sir Henry Weedon John Pearson
Harold Ward
Melbourne East Labor Daniel McNamara Frederick Dawborn
Melbourne North Labor William Beckett Thomas Griffin
Nationalist Esmond Kiernan George Wales
Melbourne South Nationalist Arthur Robinson
Melbourne West Labor Arthur Disney
Nelson Nationalist James Drysdale Brown
Northern Nationalist Frank Clarke
North Eastern Nationalist William Kendell
North Western Nationalist George Goudie
Southern Nationalist Russell Clarke
South Eastern Nationalist Alfred Chandler*
William Francis
Frederick Hagelthorn
South Western Nationalist Austin Austin
Wellington Nationalist Alexander Bell
Western Nationalist Edward White

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