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List of years in radio (table)

1919 in radio details the internationally significant events in radio broadcasting for the year 1919.


  • 17 October – The assets of Marconi Company's American operations are acquired by General Electric and are incorporated (along with the Pan-American Telegraph Company and assets already controlled by the United States Navy) as the Radio Corporation of America. Former American Marconi executive David Sarnoff is also brought over to the new company; he would become an influential figure at RCA and with the development of NBC and RKO.
  • 28 October – On the first anniversary of the establishment of independent Czechoslovakia the first radio programme of words and music is broadcast from the telegraph station at the Petřín lookout tower in Prague.[1]
  • Lee De Forest resumes broadcasting from the Bronx after a hiatus due to World War I. The station is given the designation 2XG. Records concerts are aired 5 times a week. The world's first known programme director is Richard Klein.[2]





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