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Cardinal one hundred ninety-one
Ordinal 191st
(one hundred and ninety-first)
Factorization 191
Prime yes
Roman numeral CXCI
Binary 101111112
Ternary 210023
Quaternary 23334
Quinary 12315
Senary 5156
Octal 2778
Duodecimal 13B12
Hexadecimal BF16
Vigesimal 9B20
Base 36 5B36

191 (one hundred [and] ninety-one) is the natural number following 190 and preceding 192.

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  • RD-191, a Russian high performance single-combustion chamber rocket engine
  • 191st Street (IRT Broadway – Seventh Avenue Line), a New York City Subway station at St. Nicholas Avenue in Manhattan served by the 1 train
  • At least five known plane crashes have involved flights numbered 191; as a result, the number is considered unlucky in the airline industry and has been withdrawn from use in some airlines

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