1920 German football championship

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1920 German championship final
Replica of the Viktoria trophy
Event German football championship
Date 13 June 1920
Venue Sportplatz Sandhöfer Wiesen, Frankfurt
Referee Peco Bauwens
Attendance 35,000

The 1920 German football championship, the 13th edition of the competition, was won by 1. FC Nuremberg, defeating SpVgg Fürth 2–0 in the final. It was the first edition of the championship after the First World War and was staged six years after the previous championship in 1914.[1]

For 1. FC Nuremberg it was the first national championship and was the start of Nuremberg's most successful era where the club won five titles in eight seasons from 1920 to 1927, missing out on a sixth one in the inconclusive 1922 championship. Fürth, the defending champions, would go on to win the 1926 and 1929 championship. It was the only encounter of the two Middle Franconian rivals in the final.[2][3][4]

Nuremberg's Heinrich Träg and Fürth's Lony Seiderer and Viktor Hierländer were the top scorer of the 1920 championship with four goals each.[5]

Eight clubs qualified for the knock-out competition, the champions of each of the seven regional football championships and the defending German champions.[1]

Qualified teams[edit]

The teams qualified through the regional championships:[1]

Club Qualified as
Titania Stettin Baltic champions
Sportfreunde Breslau South Eastern German champions
Union Oberschoneweide Brandenburg champion
VfB Leipzig Central German champions
SV Arminia Hannover Northern German champions
VfTuR Mönchengladbach Western German champions
1. FC Nuremberg Southern German champions
SpVgg Fürth Holders


The quarter-finals, played on 16 May 1920:[6]

Team 1  Score  Team 2
1. FC Nuremberg 2–0 VfB Leipzig
Sportfreunde Breslau 3–2 Union Oberschoneweide
SpVgg Fürth 7–0 VfTuR Mönchengladbach
Titania Stettin 2–1 aet SV Arminia Hannover


The semi-finals, played on 30 May 1920:[6]

Team 1  Score  Team 2
1. FC Nuremberg 3–0 Titania Stettin
SpVgg Fürth 4–0 Sportfreunde Breslau


13 June 1920
1. FC Nuremberg 2 – 0 SpVgg Fürth
Popp Goal 12'
Szabo Goal 73'
Sportplatz Sandhöfer Wiesen, Frankfurt
Attendance: 35,000
Referee: Bauwens
' Germany Heinrich Stuhlfauth
' Germany Jean Steinlein
' Germany Anton Kugler
' Switzerland Gustav Bark
' Hungary Peter Szabo
' Germany Carl Riegel
' Germany Hans Kalb
' Germany Heinrich Träg
' Germany Wolfgang Strobel
' Germany Luitpold Popp
' Germany Willy Böß
' Germany Ludwig Gebhardt
' Germany Hans Ammerbacher
' Germany Hans Hagen
' Germany Heinrich Schuster
' Germany Georg Löblein
' Germany Georg Wellhöfer
' Austria Viktor Hierländer
' Germany Hans Sutor
' Germany Lony Seiderer
' Germany Andreas Franz
' Germany Leo Fiederer


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