1922–23 National Challenge Cup

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The 1922–23 National Challenge Cup was the annual open cup held by the United States Football Association now known as the Lamar Hunt U.S. Open Cup.


Home teams listed on top of bracket

Third Round
Nov 12-Dec 31
Fourth Round
Dec 23-Feb 10
Jan 28-Mar 18
Feb 25, Mar 25
April 1
NJ Paterson F.C. 2
NJ American A.A. 0
NJ Paterson F.C. 6
CT Hartford F.C. 0
CT Hartford F.C. 4
NY Hispano FC 3
NJ Paterson F.C. 0-4
NY New York Field Club 0-1
NY New York Field Club 9
CT Bridgeport City F.C. 3
NY New York Field Club 4
PA Bethlehem Steel 1
PA Bethlehem Steel 3
PA Fairhill F.C. 0
NJ Paterson F.C. 3
RI J&P Coats 2
RI J&P Coats 4
MA Greystone F.C. 0
RI J&P Coats 6
CT Ansonia F.C. 0
CT Ansonia F.C. 3
MA Whitman Mills 2
RI J&P Coats 1
CT Abbot Worsted 0
MA Fore River 5
MA Holyoke Falcos 1
MA Fore River 0
MA Abbot Worsted 4
MA Abbot Worsted 9
MA Roxbury F.C. 0
NJ Paterson F.C. 2-w/o
MO Scullin Steel 2000
MO Scullin Steel 0-3
MO Vesper Buick 0-2
MO Scullin Steel 3
MO St. Leo's 1
MO St. Leo's 3
MO Prendergast F.C. 0
MO Scullin Steel 3
IL Bricklayers and Masons 1
IL Bricklayers and Masons 2
OH Goodyear Tire F.C. 0
IL Bricklayers and Masons 2
IL Thistles 0
IL Thistles 2
IL Sparta Union 1
MO Scullin Steel 2
PA Arden F.C. 1
PA Arden F.C. 3
NY Kodak Park F.C. 0
PA Arden F.C. 5
OH Lorain Eagles 0
OH Magyar-American 0
OH Lorain Eagles 1
PA Arden F.C. 1
PA Jeannette F.C. 0
MI Walkerville F.C. 4
MI Industrial F.C. 3
MI Walkerville F.C. 1
PA Jeannette F.C. 3
PA Jeannette F.C. 3
MI Roses F.C. 0

(*): replay after tied match
w/o: walkover/forfeit victory awarded


Paterson F.C. (NJ)2–2Scullin Steel (MO)
Duggan Goal
Hemingsley Goal 84' (McKenna)
Brannigan Goal 38'
Schwartz Goal 57' (Rooney)
Federal Park, Harrison, New Jersey
Attendance: 15,000
Referee: J.B. Stark (USA)
  • Paterson F.C. was declared the winner when Scullin Steel declined to replay the game. Many of Scullin’s players played professional baseball and left to join their teams, depleting Scullin to the point it would not have fielded a competitive team.[1]

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