1923 Copa del Rey Final

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1923 Copa del Rey Final
Event1923 Copa del Rey
DateMay 13, 1923
VenueLes Corts, Barcelona

The 1923 Copa del Rey Final was the 23rd final of the Spanish cup competition, the Copa del Rey. The final was played at Les Corts, in Barcelona, on May 13, 1923. Athletic Bilbao beat Europa 1–0 and won their ninth title.

Match details[edit]

Athletic Bilbao1–0CD Europa
Travieso Goal 29'
Attendance: 30,000
Referee: Rasero
Athletic Bilbao
CD Europa
GK 1 Spain Manuel Vidal
DF 2 Spain Alberto Duñabeitia
DF 3 Spain Domingo Acedo
MF 4 Spain Sabino Bilbao
MF 5 Spain Jesús Lazarra
MF 6 Spain José Domingo Legarreta
FW 7 Spain Germán Echeverria
FW 8 Spain Félix Sesúmaga
FW 9 Spain Manuel López "Travieso"
FW 10 Spain Carmelo Goyenechea
FW 11 Spain Chirri I
England Fred Pentland
GK 1 Spain Juan Bordoy
DF 2 Spain Pedro Serra
DF 3 Spain Camilo Vidal
MF 4 Spain Javier Bonet
MF 5 Spain Estebán Pelaó
MF 6 Spain Francisco Artisús
FW 7 Spain Juan Pellicer
FW 8 Spain José Julià
FW 9 Spain Manuel Cros
FW 10 Spain Juan Olivella
FW 11 Spain Antonio Alcázar
England Conyers Kirby
Copa del Rey 1923 winners
Athletic Bilbao
9th title