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Years: 1920 1921 1922 1923 1924 1925 1926

The following are the football (soccer) events of the year 1923 throughout the world.


April 28 – The first FA Cup Final to be held at Wembley Stadium, between Bolton Wanderers F.C. and West Ham United F.C.. Known as the White Horse Final due to the memorable image of a policeman on a white horse marshalling the crowds. With an official maximum capacity of 127,000, the attendance was quoted as 126,947 but up to 240,000 people are thought to have squeezed in through the 104 turnstiles by the time the gates were closed, leaving tens of thousands still queuing outside. The White Horse Final has the highest ever unofficial "non-racing" sports attendance in the world, which is very unlikely to be broken in the near future. This claim, however, is disputed, as the Maracana held 199,854 fans during the 1950 World Cup final between Brazil and Uruguay.

Winners club national championship[edit]

International tournaments[edit]



  • May 1 – Fernando Cabrita, Portuguese international footballer and manager (died 2014)
  • May 6 – Josep Seguer, Spanish international footballer and manager (died 2014)
  • June 30 – Bill Ellerington, English international footballer (died 2015)
  • September 20 – Stefan Bozhkov, Bulgarian international footballer (died 2014)
  • October 13 – Faas Wilkes, Dutch international footballer (died 2006)
  • December 1 – Ferenc Szusza, Hungarian international footballer (died 2006)
  • December 3 – Stjepan Bobek, Yugoslav international footballer (died 2010)
  • December 25 – Luis Alamos, Chilean football manager (died 1983)