1924 United States presidential election in West Virginia

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1924 United States presidential election in West Virginia

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  John Calvin Coolidge, Bain bw photo portrait.jpg John William Davis.jpg Robert M La Follette, Sr.jpg
Nominee Calvin Coolidge John W. Davis Robert M. La Follette
Party Republican Democratic Farmer–Labor Party [a]
Home state Massachusetts West Virginia Wisconsin
Running mate Charles G. Dawes Charles W. Bryan Burton K. Wheeler
Electoral vote 8 0 0
Popular vote 288,635 257,232 36,723
Percentage 49.45% 44.07% 6.29%

President before election

Calvin Coolidge

Elected President

Calvin Coolidge

The 1924 United States presidential election in West Virginia took place on November 4, 1924, as part of the 1924 United States Presidential Election which was held throughout all contemporary 48 states. Voters chose eight representatives, or electors to the Electoral College, who voted for president and vice president.

West Virginia voted for the Republican nominee, incumbent President Calvin Coolidge of Massachusetts, over the Democratic nominee and West Virginia native, Ambassador John W. Davis. Coolidge ran with former Budget Director Charles G. Dawes of Illinois, while Davis ran with Governor Charles W. Bryan of Nebraska. Also in the running that year was the Progressive Party nominee, Senator Robert M. La Follette of Wisconsin and his running mate Senator Burton K. Wheeler of Montana.

Coolidge won the Mountain State by a margin of 5.38 percent.


1924 United States presidential election in West Virginia[1]
Party Candidate Votes Percentage Electoral votes
Republican Calvin Coolidge 288,635 49.45% 8
Democratic John W. Davis 257,232 44.07% 0
Farmer-Labor Party Robert M. La Follette 36,723 6.29% 0
American Gilbert Nations 1,072 0.18% 0
Totals 583,662 100.00% 8


  1. ^ Although La Follette ran under his own Progressive Party nationally, he ran in West Virginia under a fusion of the Socialist Party of America and the Farmer–Labor Party.


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