1925–26 French Rugby Union Championship

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1925–26 French Rugby Union Championship
Countries France
Runners-upUS Perpignan
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1926-27 →

The 1925–26 French Rugby Union Championship was won by the club of Toulouse that defeated the US Perpignan.

The Stade Toulousain won the fourth title on five years (after won in 1922, 1923 and 1924)

The championship was contested by 36 teams divided into 12 pools of three.

The first of each pool was qualified for the four pools of Quarter of finals.

First round[edit]

In bold team qualified

Quarter of finals[edit]


apr. 1926 Toulouse - Bayonne 6 - 3 Bordeaux
apr. 1926 Perpignan - Stadoceste 0 - 0
apr. 1926 Perpignan - Stadoceste 6 - 0 Toulouse


Teams Toulouse - Perpignan
Score 11-0 (3-0)
Date 2 May 1926
Venue Parc Lescure de Bordeaux
Referee Marcel Heurtin
Toulouse André Pépion, Clément Dulaurens, François Borde, Jacques Ballarin, François Raymond, Henri Sémat, Bernard Bergès, Alex Bioussa, Marcel Camel, Albert Cazenave, André Camel, Pierre Peyronnel, Gabriel Grioterray, Jean Larrieu, Jean Morère
US Perpignan Etienne Radondy, Marcel Baillette, André Puigt, Roger Ramis, René Tabès, Joseph Pascot, Jean Carbonne, Eugène Ribère, Ernest Camo, Georges Constant, André Rière, Marcel Henric, Camille Montadé, Georges Delort, Joseph Sayrou
Toulouse 3 tries Raymond, Cazenave, Borde
1 conversion de Sémat
US Perpignan

Other competitions[edit]

The 2 May 1926, in the final of "Championnat de France Honneur" (Second division), the Racing defeated SC Mazamet 17-3.

The SA Saint-Sever won the "Promotion" championship (3rd division) winning against The Dijon 16-11.

Le Stade Toulousain est champion of "2nd XV Championship" winning against the Stadoceste.