1925–26 National Challenge Cup

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The 1925–26 National Challenge Cup was the annual open cup held by the United States Football Association now known as the Lamar Hunt U.S. Open Cup.


There were 131 entrants to the tournament. Twenty-five teams (12 western and 13 eastern) were exempt from the qualifying stages because of their relative strength. These included primarily the ASL and St. Louis Soccer League teams. The remaining 106 teams played off for the seven remaining spots in the first round proper. The preliminary qualifying round featured 44 matches with 18 teams receiving byes. Canadian teams were admitted because several outfits from Essex County, Ontario were affiliated with the Michigan Soccer Association which in turn was a member of the USFA.

Eastern Division[edit]

First roundSecond roundSemi-finalsFinal
January 16 - New Bedford
New Bedford Whalers5
February 20 - New Bedford
Shawsheen Indians0
New Bedford Whalers0
January 16 - Pawtucket
J&P Coats1
J&P Coats4
February 28 - Tiverton
Abbot Worsted1
J&P Coats5
January 17 - Tiverton
Boston SC3
Fall River FC3
February 14, 21 - Tiverton
Providence FC2
Fall River FC1-2
January 16 - Boston
Boston SC1-3
Boston Soccer Club2
March 21 - Providence
Fore River1
J&P Coats1
January 17, 24 - New York
Bethlehem Steel3
Brooklyn Wanderers2-3
February 21, 28 - Brooklyn
Indiana Flooring2-2
Brooklyn Wanderers2-1
January 17 - Bronx
New York Giants2-5
New York Giants9
March 14 - Brooklyn
Yonkers Thistle1
New York Giants1
January 17, 24 - Trenton
Bethlehem Steel2
Trenton F.C.3-1
February 13 - Philadelphia
Philadelphia Field Club3-4
Philadelphia Field Club1
January 17 - Harrison
Bethlehem Steel2
Newark Skeeters1
Bethlehem Steel5

Western Division[edit]

First roundSecond roundSemi-finalsFinal
January 17 - Cleveland
Cleveland Thistles1
February 7 - Cleveland
Clan MacKenzie2
Clan MacKenzie2a
January 24 - St. Louis
Ben Millers0
Ben Millers3
March 7 - St. Louis
Ben Millers2
January 17 - St. Louis
Vesper Buick0
Vesper Buick7
February 7 - St. Louis
Royalton Stars2
Vesper Buick6
January 10 - St. Louis
Pants Store F.C.2
Pants Store F.C.2
March 28 - St. Louis
Ben Millers2
January 17 - Detroit
Canadian Club0
Gar Wood F.C.3
February 7, 21 - Chicago
Canadian Club4
Canadian Club1-6
January 17 - Chicago
Olympia F.C.1-3
Olympia F.C.1
March 1, 14, 21 - Chicago
Thistles F.C.0
Canadian Club4b
January 17/ February 7
Pullman F.C.1
Kenosha Reds2-0
February 14 - Chicago
Pullman F.C.2-4
Pullman F.C.3
January 17, 24 - Chicago
Sparta ABA1

a) disqualified after protest
b) aggregate after 3 games


Bethlehem Steel (PA)7–2Ben Millers (MO)
Stark Goal 6'20'53'
Goldie Goal 35'
Rollo Goal 55'
McDonald Goal 86'
Jaap Goal 88'
Report[1] Nash Goal 48'70'


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