1925 Chatham Cup

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1925 Chatham Cup
Dates 13 June – 19 September 1925
Championship venue Newtown Park, Wellington
Champions Wellington YMCA (1st title)
Runners-up Seacliff
Championship match score 3 – 2 (aet)

The 1925 Chatham Cup was the third annual nationwide knockout football competition in New Zealand.

The competition was run on a regional basis. Each region held its own contest to find a regional champion, with these then being grouped into four regional associations (Auckland, Wellington, Canterbury, and Otago), each of which was represented in semi-finals by one team, followed by northern and southern semi-finals and a national final.


In all, 30 teams took part in the competition, though some contemporary reports say there were 29.[1] Ten of these teams were from the Wellington area, nine from Auckland, and three from Christchurch.[2] Confusion is caused by some contemporary reports which list the Pukemiro team as "Huntly", despite these being two separate sides from the same area.

The 1925 final[edit]

The final was played at Newtown Park, Wellington, a change of venue from the previous finals which had been at Athletic Park. This new venue was to host the final again in 1927, with the Basin Reserve being preferred as a permanent venue from 1928 after its use in 1926. The 1925 final was part of an unusual double-bill, the ground also being used on the same day for a rugby league match between the New Zealand team and a touring Queensland representative XIII.[3]

The final was the first re-match of two teams who had previously contested a final; six Seacliff players and four YWCA players played in both the 1923 and 1925 finals. The game was described in The Dominion as entertaining with a number of chances, as was reflected by the scoreline, which was 2-2 at full time. The first goal came from Stewart Dempster for YMCA, but Wattie Hanlin equalised before the half-time interval. In the second half Seacliff went into the lead through Bill Hooper, who became the first player to score in two separate finals, having previously scored in Seacliff's 1923 win. this time it was YMCA who equalised with a second goal from Dempster. Dave Halley grabbed the winner for the Wellington side early in the first period of extra time.[4]


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First Round[edit]

13 June 1925
Diamond 3 –1 Wellington Institute
Association Park

30 May 1925
North Shore 3 –1 Northcote
Palmer 2, Woolley [5] W. Knott (pen.)
Blandford Park

13 June 1925
Wellington Thistle 4 – 2 Waterside
Logan 3, Wallace [6] Stanbridge 2
Newtown Park
Referee: C. Kelly

Second Round[edit]

27 June 1925
Hospital 6 – 2 Johnsonville
Hospital Ground
Referee: C. Kelly

27 June 1925
Wellington Thistle 3 – 2 Diamond
Wallace 2, Logan [7] McLeod 2
Association Park
Referee: A.E. Wells

27 June 1925
Scottish Wanderers 2 – 1 Wellington Marist
Lothian, McDougall [8] Costello
Association Park
Referee: L.C. Cooper

27 June 1925
Wellington YMCA 3 – 0 Brooklyn
Kelburn Park
Referee: C. Uddy

3 June 1925
Auckland Thistle 3 – 2 Royal Navy
Blandford Park
Referee: Mr. Marsh

3 June 1925
Ponsonby 3 – 1 Tramways
Auckland Domain
Referee: Mr. Lee

3 June 1925
Hellabys 1 – 0 North Shore
Victoria Park
Referee: Mr. Knightley

3 June 1925
Auckland YMCA 5 – 1 Auckland Harbour Board
Blandford Park
Referee: Mr. Parkinson

Third Round[edit]

4 July 1925
Wellington YMCA 2 – 1 Wellington Thistle
Dempster, Nicolle [9] Lennox
Association Park
Referee: E. Ormrod

20 June 1925
Frankton Railways 0 – 3 Rotowaro
Oliver 2, Buller

11 July 1925
Huntly 0 – 2 Pukemiro
Drinnan 2

11 July 1925
Hellabys 1 – 2 Ponsonby
Margison [10] Christie, Adshead
Blandford Park

11 July 1925
Auckland Thistle 6 – 1 Auckland YMCA
Humphries 5, Dunsmore [10] Marshall
Blandford Park

Fourth Round[edit]

18 July 1925
Wellington YMCA 2 – 0 Scottish Wanderers
Basin Reserve
Referee: G. Goffin

Pukemiro 2 – 1 Rotowaro
Drinnan, Black Garrick (pen.)
Referee: J. Wallace

See note below quarter-finals.


1 August
Ponsonby  ? – ? Pukemiro

1 August 1925
Wellington YMCA 5 – 0 Palmerston North RSA
Dempster 3, Campbell 2 [12]
Basin Reserve

The fourth quarter-final would have been between Nomads and either Rangers or Sunnyside. Two of these three teams would have previously met in the fourth round.

Semi-finals ("Island finals")[edit]

1 August 1925
Nomads 0 – 2 Seacliff

22 August 1925
Ponsonby 1 – 2 Wellington YMCA
report Dempster, Campbell


19 September 1925
Wellington YMCA 3 – 2 (aet) Seacliff
Dempster 2, Halley report Hanlin, Hooper
Newtown Park, Wellington
Referee: M. Thornley