1926 Kars earthquake

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1926 Kars earthquake
1926 Kars earthquake is located in Turkey
1926 Kars earthquake
UTC time1926-10-22 19:59:38
ISC event910181
Local date22 October 1926 (1926-10-22)
Local time21:59
Magnitude6.0 Ms
Depth7 km (4.3 mi)
Epicenter40°42′N 43°42′E / 40.7°N 43.7°E / 40.7; 43.7Coordinates: 40°42′N 43°42′E / 40.7°N 43.7°E / 40.7; 43.7[1]
Areas affectedTurkey, Armenia
Max. intensityIX (Violent)[2]

The 1926 Kars earthquake occurred at 21:59 local time on 22 October. It had a surface wave magnitude of 6.0 and a maximum felt intensity of IX (Violent) on the Mercalli intensity scale, causing 360 casualties.

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