1926 San Sebastián Grand Prix

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Spain  1926 San Sebastián Grand Prix
Race details
Race 3 of 5 in the 1926 World Manufacturers' Championship
Date 18 July 1926
Official name IV Gran Premio de San Sebastián
IV Grand Prix d'Europe
Location San Sebastián, Spain
Course Circuito Lasarte
Course length 17.75 km (11.03 mi)
Distance 45 laps, 798.75 km (496.32 mi)
Pole position
Driver Bugatti
Grid positions set by ballot
Fastest lap
Driver France Louis Wagner Delage
Time 8:53.5
First Bugatti
Second Delage
Third Bugatti

The 1926 San Sebastián Grand Prix was a Grand Prix motor race held at Circuito Lasarte on 18 July 1926. It was also designated as the European Grand Prix.

It was the third race of the 1926 AIACR World Manufacturers' Championship season. The Delage 155B made its racing debut here but proved to be quite challenging to drive. The exhaust pipes of the Delage's passed beneath the floor where the drivers' feet were, causing them to gradually burn. The drivers had to take turns in the cars, in order to avoid serious injury.[1]


Winner Jules Goux
Pos No Driver Car Laps Time/Retired
1 2 France Jules Goux Bugatti 39A 45 6h51m52
2 7 France Edmond Bourlier
France Robert Sénéchal
Delage 155B 45 6h59m42
3 10 Italy Meo Costantini Bugatti 39A 45 7h28m18
4 21 France André Morel
France Louis Wagner
France Edmond Bourlier
Delage 155B 40 7h26m10
5 18 Italy Ferdinando Minoia Bugatti 39A 40 7h26m15
NC 15 France Robert Benoist
France Robert Sénéchal
Delage 155B 30 6h56m00
DNA 1  ? OM 865
DNA 3  ? Talbot 700
DNA 4  ? Guyot Speciale
DNA 5 United Kingdom Ernest Eldridge Eldridge
DNA 6  ? SIMA-Violet
DNA 8  ? Jean Graf CIME
DNA 9  ? OM 865
DNA 11  ? Talbot 700
DNA 12  ? Guyot Speciale
DNA 13  ? Eldridge Anzani
DNA 14  ? SIMA-Violet
DNA 16  ? Jean Graf CIME
DNA 17  ? OM 865
DNA 19  ? Talbot 700
DNA 20  ? SIMA-Violet
DNA 22  ? SIMA-Violet


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