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Events from the year 1926 in Canada.



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Historical Documents[edit]

Prime Minister King's resignation letter urges Gov. Gen. Byng to rethink his refusal of King's advice to dissolve Parliament [1]

King profoundly relieved that Byng took Meighen's advice to dissolve, "deliver[ing] himself so completely into my hands" [2]

British government recognizes Canada's need of direct diplomatic relations with U.S.A. [3]

Canada posts its first diplomatic representative in Washington [4]

House committee studying minimum wage hears details of decent and unhealthy standards of living affordable on industrial wages[5]

Exile-weary anarchist Emma Goldman hopes Canada will let her stay [6]

Touching letter to stranger follows visit to her brother's grave in France [7]

English immigrant loves slush-free winters and long summer days in Dawson City, Yukon [8]

Instructions for bleaching out suntan [9]


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