1927 UCI Road World Championships

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1927 UCI Road World Championships
VenueNürburgring, Germany
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The 1927 UCI Road World Championships took place in Nürburgring, Germany.

Professional and amateur riders rode together (33 of the starters were amateurs). 55 riders started, 18 classified finishers, 182.5 km, winner's average speed 27.55 km/hr[1]

Events summary[edit]

Event Gold Silver Bronze
Men's Events
Professional Road Race
Alfredo Binda
6h 37m 29s Costante Girardengo
+7m 16s Domenico Piemontesi
+ 10m 51s
Amateur Road Race Jean Aerts
6h 49m 20s Rudolf Wolke
+ 2m 33s Michele Orecchia
+ 5m 59s

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