1927 World Snooker Championship

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World Snooker Championship
Tournament information
Final venue Camkin's Hall
Final city Birmingham
Country England
Organisation(s) Billiards Association and Control Council
Winner's share £6.10 shillings
Highest break 60
Champion England Joe Davis
Runner-up England Tom Dennis
Score 20–11
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The 1927 World Snooker Championship was a snooker tournament held at various venues throughout the season. The final took place at the Camkin's Hall in Birmingham, England.[1][2] This was the inaugural edition of the tournament and was organised by Joe Davis and Bill Camkin.[1] The highest break of the tournament was 60, made by Albert Cope.[3]

Davis won the title by defeating Tom Dennis 20–11 in the final, and went on to dominate the event until after the Second World War in 1946.

Background and summary[edit]

Joe Davis drafted the conditions under which a world championship could take place, after a conversation with Bill Camkin, and sent it to the Billiards Association and Control Council (BACC). The BACC gave their consent. The players had to arrange their own venues, with the final being held at the Camkin's Hall in Birmingham.[4] The entry fee was five guineas per player, with a five-guineas sidestake.[5] It was planned that the half of the entry fees would be split up between the winner and runner-up, with the winner becoming sixty percent, and half of the BACC gate receipts after expenses equally shared out between the players.[4]

However, Joe Davis, the eventual champion, won the £6 and 10 shillings from gate receipts, and the BACC used the player's part of the fees towards purchasing the trophy.[4] In one frame of the final, Davis compiled breaks of 32, 34, and 35, in consecutive visits, and also made the highest break of the final, with 57. The final was refereed by Bill Camkin.[4]

Main draw[edit]


Round 1
Best of 15 frames
Best of 15 frames
Best of 23 frames
Best of 31 frames
         England  Tom Dennis 8  
         England  Fred Lawrence 7  
           England  Tom Dennis 12  
Wales  Tom Carpenter 8       Wales  Tom Carpenter 10  
England  Nat Butler 3     Wales  Tom Carpenter 8  
England  Melbourne Inman 8     England  Melbourne Inman 3  
England  Tom Newman 5       England  Tom Dennis 11
           England  Joe Davis 20
         England  Albert Cope 8  
         England  Alec Mann 6  
           England  Albert Cope 7  
           England  Joe Davis 16  
         Republic of Ireland  Joe Brady 5       
         England  Joe Davis 10       


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