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1927 in jazz
The Jazz Singer 1927 Poster.jpg
Poster for the movie The Jazz Singer (1927), featuring stars Eugenie Besserer and Al Jolson
Decade 1920s in jazz
Music 1927 in music
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This is a timeline documenting events of Jazz in the year 1927.

Musicians born that year included John Dankworth, Cleo Laine and Stan Getz.


  • April 21 - Electric re-recording of George Gershwin's "Rhapsody in Blue" by Paul Whiteman's Orchestra directed by Nathaniel Shilkret, with Gershwin at the piano. In 1925, electrical recording vastly improved the quality of recordings, and many important recordings, including Whiteman's 1924 recording of the Rhapsody, were re-recorded electrically. Whiteman was at the podium, but left the studio because of a disagreement with Gershwin over the tempo. Shilkret, Victor's Director of Light Music at the time, took the baton, and the recording was completed as scheduled.[1] The recording was inducted into the Grammy Hall of Fame in 1974.




John Dankworth at Buxton Opera House on 4 November 2002, while in concert with Cleo Laine.


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