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The year 1927 saw a number of significant happenings in radio broadcasting history.



  • January 1: The NBC Blue Network commences operations, on what was the former experimental RCA mini-network of stations. WJZ in New York (today WABC) serves as the Blue Network's flagship.
  • January 1: The United Independent Broadcasters network is established by New York talent agent Arthur Judson in Chicago, Illinois. The Columbia Phonograph Company (Columbia Records' parent company) surfaces as an investor in April, and the network is named after the company.
  • February 18: Cities Service Concerts debuts on NBC after having had "trial broadcasts in local New York market" in 1925-26.[5]
  • April: WFCI at Pawtucket, Rhode Island & owned by Frank Crook, Inc. begins broadcasting. WFCI would sign off but re-establish itself in 1941.
  • September 18: The Columbia Phonographic Broadcasting System is officially launched on 16 stations nationwide.[6] Cigar manufacturer William S. Paley purchases the company a week later and shortens the name to Columbia Broadcasting System



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