1928–29 National Challenge Cup

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The 1928–29 National Challenge Cup was the annual open cup held by the United States Football Association now known as the Lamar Hunt U.S. Open Cup. This edition of the soccer tournament featured 100 entrants (51 in the East and 49 in the West). In this edition the Western bracket played the first round in December 1928 while the Eastern section chose to wait out the poor weather and began the first round games in February 1929. The Cup final, which drew 21,583 spectators, broke the record for the largest crowd to see a Cup final, and remained the largest crowd, until 2010, when the Seattle Sounders FC defeat Columbus Crew in front of 31,311 spectators.

Eastern Division[edit]

First roundSecond roundSemi-finalsFinal
February 3 - Bronx
New York Hakoah7
February 17 - Bronx
Mamaroneck F.C.1
New York Hakoah6
February 3 - Rochester
Rochester Celtic0
Rochester Celtic3
March 17 - Bronx
Buffalo Hungarian2
New York Hakoah3
February 3 - Newark
Newark Portuguese2
Newark Portuguese3
February 17 - Newark
Bayonne Rovers0
Newark Portuguese4
February 3
New York Hungaria1
New York Hungariaw/o
March 24 - Brooklyn
First German
New York Hakoah1
February 3 - Bronx
New York Giants0
New York Giants4
February 24 - Bronx
IRT Rangers1
New York Giants8
February 3 - Trenton
Trenton F.C.0
Trenton F.C.8
March 3, 9
Newark Skeeters1
New York Giants2-6
February 3 - Baltimore
Bethlehem Steel2-3
Canton F.C.0
February 16 - Bethlehem
Bethlehem Steel5
Bethlehem Steel5
February 3 - Waterbury
Walsh Chevrolet0
Walsh Chevrolet6

Western Division[edit]

First roundSecond roundSemi-finalsFinal
December 23 - Chicago
Thistle F.C.1
February 17
Olympia F.C.1
Thistle F.C.1
December 16 - St. Louis
Madison Kennel5
Madison Kennel4
March 10 - St. Louis
Ben Millers1
Madison Kennel5
December 16 - Detroit
Holley Carburetor1
Holley Carburetor2
February 23 - Detroit
Flint IMA0
Holley Carburetor10
Goodyear F.C.3
Goodyear F.C.4
March 17 - St. Louis
Cleveland Celtics1
Madison Kennel7
December 16 - Chicago
Sparta ABA4
Sparta ABA3
February 24 - Chicago
Sparta ABA7
December 23 - Detroit
All Scots0
Wood Hydraulic1
March 3 - Chicago
All Scots3
Sparta ABA3
December 30 - Chicago
February 17 - Chicago
Buda AA0
December 23 - St. Louis


St. Louis Madison Kennel (MO)0–2New York Hakoah (NY)
Eisenhoffer Goal 80'
Wortmann Goal 82'
New York Hakoah (NY)3–0St. Louis Madison Kennel (MO)
Schwarz Goal 20'
Grünwald Goal 50'
Häusler Goal 70'
Attendance: 21,583[1]
Referee: James McFarlane (USA)

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