1929 Bulgarian State Football Championship

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Bulgarian State Football Championship
ChampionsBotev Plovdiv

The 1929 Bulgarian State Football Championship was the sixth edition of the competition. It was consisted by 10 teams, and it was won by Botev Plovdiv, who defeated Levski Sofia 1–0 in the final.

This was the first and last final played by Botev, while it was Levski's second appearance, following their first one in 1925.

Qualified teams[edit]

The winners from each OSO (Bulgarian: окръжна спортна област, lit. 'regional sports district') qualify for the State championship.

OSO Team
Varnenska OSO Shipchenski sokol Varna
Shumenska OSO Han Omurtag Shumen
Rusenska OSO Rakovski Ruse
Tarnovska OSO Chardafon Gabrovo
Plevenska OSO Levski Pleven
Vrachanska OSO no representative
Bdinska OSO Maria Luisa Lom
Sofiyska OSO Levski Sofia
Rilska OSO no representative
Plovdivska OSO Botev Plovdiv
Haskovska OSO no representative
Starozagorska OSO Trayana Stara Zagora
Primorska OSO Levski Burgas

Round 1[edit]

Team 1  Score  Team 2
Shipchenski sokol Varna 5–0 Han Omurtag Shumen
Rakovski Ruse 3–2 Chardafon Gabrovo
Levski Pleven 2–0 Maria Luisa Lom
Levski Burgas 3–1 Trayana Stara Zagora

Quarter finals[edit]

Team 1  Score  Team 2
Shipchenski sokol Varna 2–0 Rakovski Ruse
Levski Sofia 2–0 Levski Pleven
Botev Plovdiv 3–1 Levski Burgas


Team 1  Score  Team 2
Botev Plovdiv 3–1 Shipchenski sokol Varna


The final, played on 3 October 1929:

Team 1  Score  Team 2
Levski Sofia 0–1 Botev Plovdiv