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Events from the year 1929 in Canada.



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John Turner in September 2009

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Lomer Gouin

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Historical Documents[edit]

British Privy Council members decide "that women are eligible to be summoned to and become members of the Senate of Canada" [3]

"Crest of the flood of selling" passes on New York Stock Exchange [4]

Charlotte Whitton warns family allowance would reduce mothers to economic slavery and government parental role would undermine family[5]

Calgary Board of Trade report on Turner Valley oil field [6]

At Walkerville, Ont. General Motors plant, it is "very dangerous" to work exposed pulleys late in 12-hour night shift[7]

Killing of Americans by U.S. border guards enforcing prohibition regulations draws outrage [8]

Lord Beaverbrook on overcoming "the great general division between farmers and industrialists" to establish imperial free trade [9]

Hunter-conservationist Jack Miner calls for extermination of wolves in Ontario [10]

Mackenzie King "wholly convinced in the reality of the spiritual world" after medium contacts his dead family members [11]


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