1930 Belgian Grand Prix

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Belgium  1930 Belgian Grand Prix
Race details
Spa-Francorchamps original layout (1922).jpg
Date 30 July 1930
Official name II Grand Prix de Belgique
Location Spa-Francorchamps
Spa, Belgium
Course Road course
Course length 14.915 km (9.268 mi)
Distance 40 laps, 596.6 km (370.7 mi)
Fastest lap
Driver France Guy Bouriat Bugatti
Time 7:05
First Bugatti
Second Bugatti
Third Bugatti

The 1930 Belgian Grand Prix (formally the II Grand Prix de Belgique), also known as the VII Grand Prix d'Europe was a Grand Prix motor race held at Spa-Francorchamps on 20 July 1930. The race was held over 40 laps of a 14.914 km circuit for a total race distance of 596.560 km and was won by Louis Chiron driving a Bugatti.


Pos No Driver Car Laps Time/Retire Grid
''1'' 9 Monaco Louis Chiron Bugatti T35C 40 5h08m34.6 1
2 8 France Guy Bouriat Bugatti T35C 40 5h09m34 11
3 7 France Albert Divo Bugatti T35C 40 5h13m54 9
4 4 France Arthur Duray Ariès 40 5h22m26 8
5 1 Italy Goffredo Zehender Imperia 40 5h25m19 6
6 5 France Charles Montier Montier Speciale Ford 40 5h30m30 13
7 2 France Jérôme Ledure Imperia 40 5h41m47 7
Ret 19 France Henri Stoffel Peugeot 174S 39 Out of fuel 14
Ret 12 Belgium Joseph Reinartz Bugatti T35C 39 Out of fuel 4
Ret 6 France Ferdinand Montier Montier Speciale Ford 39 Out of fuel 5
Ret 16 France Max Thirion Bugatti T35 28 Did Not Finish 3
Ret 3 France Michel Doré Imperia 28 Did Not Finish 2
Ret 20 Belgium Émil Cornet Bugatti T35 13 Did Not Finish 15
Ret 17 France Émile Burie Georges Irat 8 Did Not Finish 12
Ret 18 Belgium Franz Gouvion Lombard AL3  ? Did Not Finish 10
DNS 10 France Baron d'Orimont Bugatti T35 Did Not Start
DNS 11 France Ernest André Bugatti T35 Did Not Start
DNS 14 Romania Georges Bouriano Bugatti T35B Did Not Start
DNS 15 France "Mascio" Bugatti T35 Did Not Start
DNS 21 France "Delzaert" Bugatti T37A Did Not Start


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