1930 World Figure Skating Championships

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1930 World Figure Skating Championships
Type:ISU Championship
Date:February 3 – 5
Location:New York City, United States
Men's singles:
Austria Karl Schäfer
Ladies' singles:
Norway Sonja Henie
Pair skating:
France Andrée Brunet / Pierre Brunet
1929 World Championships
1931 World Championships

The World Figure Skating Championships is an annual figure skating competition sanctioned by the International Skating Union in which figure skaters compete for the title of World Champion.

The 1930 men, ladies, and pairs competitions took place from February 3 to 5 in New York City, the first figure skating world championships in the United States. It was also the first year when all competitions were held at the same location and the same time. Also all the judges for the three competitions were the same.



Rank Name Nation Places
1 Karl Schäfer  Austria 5
2 Roger Turner  United States 11
3 Georges Gautschi   Switzerland 19
4 Montgomery Wilson  Canada 20
5 Ludwig Wrede  Austria 20
6 Gail Borden  United States 32
7 J. Lester Madden  United States 35
8 William Nagle  United States 38



Rank Name Nation Places
1 Sonja Henie  Norway 5
2 Cecil Smith  Canada 12
3 Maribel Vinson  United States 16
4 Constance Wilson  Canada 19
5 Melitta Brunner  Austria 23
6 Suzanne Davis  United States 30



Rank Name Nation Places
1 Andrée Brunet / Pierre Brunet  France 6.5
2 Melitta Brunner / Ludwig Wrede  Austria 13.5
3 Beatrix Loughran / Sherwin Badger  United States 16
4 Constance Samuel / Montgomery Wilson  Canada 21
5 Isobel Rogers / Melville F. Rogers  Canada 25.5
6 Theresa Weld Blanchard / Nathaniel Niles  United States 30.5
7 Maude Smith / Jack Eastwood  Canada 32.5
8 Edith Secord / Joseph Savage  United States 34.5



  • Result List provided by the ISU