1931 Isle of Man TT

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The 1931 Isle of Man Tourist Trophy was again dominated by the battle between Rudge, Sunbeam and Norton motor-cycles.

The 1931 Junior TT Race was run at a very fast pace by Jimmie Simpson riding for Norton who completed the first lap in 30 minutes and 49 seconds and was 6 second ahead of fellow Norton team-mate Stanley Woods in 2nd place and 18 seconds ahead of Freddie Hicks in 3rd place riding an AJS motor-cycle.[1] Although, Jimmie Simpson was able to hold on to the lead for the next 5 lap, he was slowed by having to refuel every two laps because of carburetor problems.[2] Fellow, Norton team-mate, Tim Hunt recovered from a slow first lap with a loose plug-lead to set the fastest lap on lap 4 of 30 minutes and 5 seconds an average race speed of 75.27 mph (121.14 km/h) and steadlly moves-up the leaderboard.[1] Further, carburetor problems causes Jimmie Simpson to drops off the leaderboard and eventually finishes in 8th place.[1] This allows the 1931 Junior TT Race to be won by Tim Hunt riding for Norton, in 3 hours 34 minutes and 21 seconds, at an average race speed of 73.94 mph (118.99 km/h), from Norton team-mates Jimmie Guthrie, and Ernie Nott riding a Rudge motor-cycle.

The 1931 Lightweight TT was dominated by the works Rudge motor-cycles and the race was lap 1 by Ernie Nott by 45 seconds from Rudge team-mates, H. G. Tyrell Smith and Graham Walker in 3rd place.[1] By lap 6, Ernie Nott had a lead of 4 minutes over the rest of the field, until on the last lap he slid of just below the Mountain Mile and finished in 4th place steadying a damaged push-rod with his hand.[2] This provided a first and only TT Race win for Graham Walker riding a Rudge at an average race speed of 68.98 mph (111.01 km/h).

The highly anticipated 1931 Senior TT Race which was again set to be dominated by Rudge and Norton motor-cycles. However, it proved to dominated again by Norton and Jimmie Simpson and Jimmie Guthrie, this time Guthrie led on lap 1 by 1 second from Jimmie Simpson and Norton team-mate Stanley Woods by 17 seconds in 3rd place.[1] On lap 3, the 1931 Senior TT Race produced the first 80 mph (130 km/h) lap by Jimmie Simpson on a Norton motor-cycle in 28 minutes and 1 seconds an average speed of 80.82 mph (130.07 km/h). Despite taking over the lead from Guthrie, Jimmie Simpson crashed on lap 4 at Ballaugh Bridge and the bike ending-up in the river.[2] Despite re-taking the lead, Jimmie Guthrie slips-off at the Governor's Bridge on lap 5, but contuines to finish in 2nd place at an average speed of 77.34 mph (124.47 km/h). Fellow Norton team-mate Stanley Woods finishes in 3rd place with a glove in the petrol-tank filler.[2] The fast paced and incident packed 1931 Senior TT Race provided Tim Hunt with a popular Junior/Senior double win in 3 hours, 23 minutes and 28 seconds for the 7 lap (264.11 mile) race at an average race speed of 77.90 mph (125.37 km/h). The winner of the 1929 Junior Race, Freddie Hicks crashed on lap 5 at Union Mills and was killed.

Senior TT (500cc)[edit]

Rank Rider Team Speed Time
1 United Kingdom Tim Hunt Norton 77.9 mph (125.4 km/h)
2 Scotland Jimmie Guthrie Norton 77.34
3 Republic of Ireland Stanley Woods Norton 76.35
4 United Kingdom Ernie Nott Rudge 76.32
5 United Kingdom Graham Walker Rudge 73.08
6 United Kingdom Ted Mellors NSU 73.18
7 United Kingdom Arthur Tyler Raleigh 72.61
8 Australia Arthur Simcock OK-Supreme 72.48
9 South Africa Jimmy G Lind Velocette 71.64
10 United Kingdom Sid Gleave SGS 71.16

Junior TT (350cc)[edit]

Rank Rider Team Speed Time
1 United Kingdom Tim Hunt Norton 73.94 mph (118.99 km/h)
2 Scotland Jimmie Guthrie Norton 72.90 3:37.26.0
3 United Kingdom Ernie Nott Rudge 72.37 3:39.01.0
4 Republic of Ireland Stanley Woods Norton 71.39 3:42.01.0
5 United Kingdom Graham Walker Rudge 70.98 3:43.19.0
6 United Kingdom Charlie Dodson Excelsior 69.58 3:47.47.0
7 United Kingdom A G Mitchell Velocette 69.46 3:48.11.0
8 United Kingdom Jimmie Simpson Norton 69.06 3:49.30.0
9 United Kingdom George Rowley AJS 69.05 3:49.32.0
10 United Kingdom Ted Mellors New Imperial 69.02 3:49.38.0


Lightweight TT (250cc)[edit]

Rank Rider Team Speed Time
1 United Kingdom Graham Walker Rudge 68.98 mph (111.01 km/h)
2 Republic of Ireland H. G. Tyrell Smith Rudge 68.26
3 United Kingdom Ted Mellors New Imperial 66.84
4 United Kingdom Ernie Nott Rudge 66.72
5 United Kingdom Frank A Longman OK-Supreme 65.99
6 Italy Mario Ghersi New Imperial 65.62
7 United Kingdom S M Williams New Imperial 65.49
8 Republic of Ireland C. W. Johnston Moto Guzzi 64.6
9 United Kingdom C E Needham OK-Supreme 63.32
10 United Kingdom C B Taylor OK-Supreme 63.27


  • At Sulby during practice, Jack Williams riding a Raleigh motor-cycle is timed at 100 mph (160 km/h) and Percy Hunt riding for Norton is timed at 101 mph (163 km/h).[4]
  • During practice, Wal Handley slips off his F.N. motor-cycle at the Gooseneck.[4]
  • During the 1931 Junior TT Race, H. G. Tyrell Smith riding for Rudge retired on lap 3 running-out of petrol. At Ballacraine, Otto Steinfeller retired with gearbox failure. On lap 5, Ted Mellors riding a New Imperial motor-cycle and F.A.Renier both crash at Glen Helen. Both continue and Ted Mellors finishes in 10th place and Renier in 16th place.[5]
  • On the first lap of the 1931 Senior TT Race, Wal Handley riding for the Belgium motor-cycle firm of F.N. slips off at the Quarterbride and retires. At Keppel Gate on lap 3 of the 1931 Senior TT Race, R. F. Parkinson riding a NSU motor-cycle hits a bank and 3 spectators are slightly injured.[1]


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