1931 Myitkyina earthquake

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1931 Myitkyina earthquake
1931 Myitkyina earthquake is located in Myanmar
1931 Myitkyina earthquake
Date January 27, 1931 (1931-01-27)
Origin time 20:09 UTC
Magnitude Mw 7.6 [1]
Depth 35 km (22 mi) [1]
Epicenter 25°40′N 96°09′E / 25.67°N 96.15°E / 25.67; 96.15Coordinates: 25°40′N 96°09′E / 25.67°N 96.15°E / 25.67; 96.15 [1]

The 1931 Myitkyina earthquake, or also known as the 1931 Kamaing earthquake, occurred on January 27 at 20:09 UTC.[1] However, according to different sources, it occurred on January 28, 1931, at 02:35 local time.[2] It was located in northern Burma, then part of British India. The magnitude of this earthquake was put at Mw 7.6. According to some sources the depth was 35 km, and according to a study of Phyo M. M. the depth was 5 to 30 km.[1][3]

The shock was very violent and lasted at least 30 seconds.[2] The intensity reached MMI IX. There were numerous fissures and cracks.[4] Sand blows were reported. The earthquake might have caused slip of the Sagaing Fault.[5] The Sagaing Fault is a continental transform fault between the India Plate and the Sunda Plate.[6] This earthquake is located along the northern Sagaing Fault. Sagaing Fault at 22° N is narrow, about 10 km wide. The part of Sagaing Fault between 25°30' and 26° is wider, with a shear zone about 70 km wide, and has four branches identified.[7]

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