1931 in Mandatory Palestine

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1931 in the British Mandate of Palestine


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Other events of 1931

Events in the year 1931 in the British Mandate of Palestine.



  • According to official statistics there were 4,075 Jewish immigrants during 1931.[1]
  • 5 January - Third Jewish Assembly of Representatives election.
  • 10 April - The right-wing "revisionist" Zionist armed underground paramilitary group "Irgun" (meaning "Organization", a short form for the full name "National Military Organization", whose acronym in Hebrew is pronounced "Etzel") is founded by Avraham Tehomi together with several other former Haganah commanders. The founders had left the Haganah due to their objection to the official policy of havlagah (restraint), which Jewish political leaders (who had become increasingly controlling of the Haganah) had imposed on the militia, and they demanded more decisive action against the rising Arab violence which targeted Palestinian Jews.
  • 11 April - Three members of kibbutz Yagur were killed by members of a local Arab gang.
  • 18 November - The 1931 census of Palestine is carried out by the Mandate authorities under the direction of Major E. Mills.
  • 22 December - Two members of Nahala Moshav, a man and his son, killed when a bomb was thrown into their home. The attack is attributed to members of the Black Hand Gang.

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Notable deaths[edit]

  • 16 April - Rachel Bluwstein (commonly referred to as "Rachel the poetess") (born 1890), Russia-born Palestinian Jewish poet.


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