1932 National Challenge Cup

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The 1932 National Challenge Cup was the annual open cup held by the United States Football Association now known as the Lamar Hunt U.S. Open Cup.

Eastern Division[edit]

First roundSecond roundSemi-finalsFinal
January 10 - New York
New York Giants7
January 24 - New York
New York Americans2
New York Giants4
January 10, 17
BS Baltimore2
Canton FC2-1
February 7 - New York
BS Baltimore2-3
New York Giants6
January 10 - Newark
Newark Americans1
Newark Americans4
January 24 - Newark
Newark Portuguese1
Newark Americans2
January 10 - Trenton
Trenton Highlanders0
Trenton Highlanders4
February 21 - New York
Fairhill F.C.0
New York Giants2
January 10 - Brooklyn
New Bedford Whalers5
Hakoah All-Stars5
January 24 - Brooklyn
Yonkers Thistle0
Hakoah All-Stars4
January 10 - Brooklyn
German Hungarian1
German Hungarian6
February 14 - New York
Buffalo Germans1
Hakoah All-Stars0
January 17 - New Bedford
New Bedford Whalers1
New Bedford Whalers5
January 23 - Pawtucket
Boston Bears1
New Bedford Whalers1
January 17 - Thornton
Pawtucket Rangers0
Pawtucket Rangers2
Victoria Mills1

Western Division[edit]

First roundSecond roundSemi-finalsFinal
January 3 - St. Louis
January 24 - St. Louis
Ben Millers1
January 1 - St. Louis
February 28 - St. Louis
January 3 - Chicago
Sparta ABA0
Sparta ABA3
February 14 - Chicago
Deutscher Sports Club0
Sparta ABA2
Swedish Americans1
Swedish Americans
March 6, 13, 20
January 3 - Detroit
Chicago Bricklayers4
Workers A.C.4
February 14 - Detroit
Detroit Ramblers3
Workers A.C.1
December 27 - Chicago
Chicago Bricklayers2
Chicago Bricklayers4
February 28 - Chicago
Norwegian Americans3
Chicago Bricklayers1
January 3 - Cleveland
Rosenblum Slavia0
Rosenblum Slavia3
February 14 - Cleveland
Morgan F.C.2
Rosenblum Slavia7
January 10 - Cleveland
Cleveland Shamrocks0
Cleveland Shamrocks2
Bruell Hungarian2

a) aggregate after 3 games, Stix advance 2 games to 1


First game[edit]

Stix, Baer and Fuller F.C. (MO)3–3 (a.e.t.)New Bedford Whalers (MA)
Hart Goal 34' (Pastor)
O'Reilly Goal 44' (Ahrens)
McLean Goal 113' (Pastor)
Nilsen Goal 33' (White)
McPherson Goal 78'
Florie Goal 108' (Nilsen)
Attendance: 7,181
Referee: Jimmy MacFarlane

Second game[edit]

Stix, Baer and Fuller F.C. (MO)2–5New Bedford Whalers (MA)
Ahrens Goal 59' (Benoist)
McLean Goal 74' (Ahrens)
White Goal 57'
Nilsen Goal
Gonsalves Goal (McNab)
McPherson Goal 81'
Florie Goal
Attendance: 7,371
Referee: Jimmy MacFarlane


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