1934 Moroccan Grand Prix

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Morocco  1934 Anfa Grand Prix
Race details
Date 20 May 1934
Official name 1934 Anfa Grand Prix
Location Anfa, Casablanca, Morocco
Course Street circuit
Course length 6.37 km (3.96 mi)
Distance 60 laps, 382.2 km (237.6 mi)
Pole position
Driver Scuderia Ferrari
Time 2:49
Fastest lap
Driver Monaco Louis Chiron Scuderia Ferrari
Time 2:49.2
First Scuderia Ferrari
Second P. Étancelin
Third Scuderia Ferrari
Layouts of Anfa Circuit (brown) and Ain-Diab Circuit (black)

The 1934 Moroccan Grand Prix (also known as the 1934 Anfa Grand Prix or the 1934 Casablanca Grand Prix) was a Grand Prix that was held on 20 May 1934 at the street circuit in Anfa, a suburb of Casablanca, Morocco. The race, contested over 60 laps of 6.37 km (3.96 mi), was won by Louis Chiron driving a Alfa Romeo Tipo B after starting from second position.


No. Driver Entrant Car
2 Menco Menco Maserati 26M
4 France Marcel Lehoux Scuderia Ferrari Alfa Romeo Tipo B
6 Italy Luigi Soffietti Scuderia Siena Alfa Romeo 8C 2300 Monza
8 Italy Clemente Biondetti Grupa Genovese San Giorgio Maserati 26M
10 Italy Gianfranco Comotti Scuderia Ferrari Alfa Romeo Tipo B
12 United Kingdom Whitney Straight Whitney Straight Maserati 8CM
14 Chile Juan Zanelli J. Zanelli Alfa Romeo 8C 2300 Monza
16 France Philippe Étancelin P. Étancelin Maserati 8CM
18 United Kingdom Hugh Hamilton Whitney Straight Maserati 8CM
20 France Raymond Sommer R. Sommer Maserati 8CM
22 France "Mlle. Hellé-Nice" "Mlle. Hellé-Nice" Alfa Romeo 8C 2300 Monza
24 Italy Giovanni Minozzi Scuderia Siena Alfa Romeo 8C 2300 Monza
26 France Robert Brunet R. Brunet Bugatti T51
28 Italy Secondo Corsi Grupa Genovese San Giorgio Maserati 26M
30 Monaco Louis Chiron Scuderia Ferrari Alfa Romeo Tipo B

Grid positions[edit]

Pos. Driver Car Constructor Time
1 Marcel Lehoux Alfa Romeo 2:49
2 Louis Chiron Alfa Romeo 2:49
3 Philippe Étancelin Maserati 2:50
4 Whitney Straight Maserati
5 Hugh Hamilton Maserati
6 Giovanni Minozzi Alfa Romeo 2:56
7 Luigi Soffietti Alfa Romeo 3:00
8 Gianfranco Comotti Alfa Romeo 3:01
9 Juan Zanelli Alfa Romeo 3:02
10 Robert Brunet Bugatti 3:08
11 Raymond Sommer Maserati
12 Clemente Biodetti Maserati
13 "Mlle. Hellé-Nice" Alfa Romeo
14 "Menco" Maserati
15 Secondo Corsi Maserati

Race report[edit]

Soon in the race Chiron took over the lead from Lehoux, who later got into a long fight with Philippe Étancelin for second position. Comotti, Straight and Hamilton were fighting for fourth position. When Lehoux's tyre blew he had to make multiple extra pitstops, which made him fall back in the field. Team mates Straight and Hamilton also struck tyre trouble and at the end of the race Hamilton had to retire with a leaking fuel tank. Lehoux fought back to third position finishing behind Étancelin. Chiron, driving an Alfa Romeo Tipo B, completed the required 60 laps the fastest and took victory.[1]

Race results[edit]

Pos. Driver Car Constructor Time (Diff.)/Status
1 Louis Chiron Alfa Romeo 2:55:42.4
2 Philippe Étancelin Maserati +50.2
3 Marcel Lehoux Alfa Romeo +1 lap
4 Whitney Straight Maserati +2 laps
5 Gianfranco Comotti Alfa Romeo +2 laps
6 Giovanni Minozzi Alfa Romeo +3 laps
7 Juan Zanelli Alfa Romeo
8 Clemente Biondetti Maserati
9 Robert Brunet Bugatti
10 Luigi Soffietti Alfa Romeo +6 laps (DNF)
11 Hugh Hamilton Maserati +18 laps (DNF — fuel tank)
12 Secondo Corsi Maserati +31 laps (DNF — oil pipe)
13 Raymond Sommer Maserati +45 laps (DNF — clutch)
14 "Mlle. Hellé-Nice" Alfa Romeo +47 laps (DNF — rear axle)
15 "Menco" Maserati +59 laps (DNF — crash)


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