1934 in India

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Timeline of Indian history

Events in the year 1934 in India.



  • 15 January – The 8.0 Mw Nepal–Bihar earthquake shakes the Himalayas with a maximum Mercalli intensity of XI (Extreme), leaving 6,000–10,700 dead.
  • 7 April – Mahatma Gandhi suspended his campaign of civil disobedience.
  • July – The Communist Party of India is declared unlawful.[1]
  • 54-hour week passed.[1]
  • September – Gandhi is successful in forcing the hand of the caste Hindus in favour of the depressed classes in the scheme of representation.[1]

Full date unknown[edit]

  • G. Edward Lewis discovers 'man-like ape' fossils in Northern India. They are named Ramapithecus and Sugrivapithecus, after Rama and Sugriva.
  • The Reserve Bank of India Act passed
  • Unsuccessful attempts on the life of Sir John Anderson, Governor of Bengal.
  • Protection was granted to the steel industry till 31 March 1941 subject to preference for english steel under the Ottawa agreement.
  • The graduates of Dehra Dun Academy could by a new law get the Governor-General's commission in the army and the Navy.
  • Formation of Congress Socialist Party.


Full date unknown[edit]


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