1935 Stanley Cup Finals

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1935 Stanley Cup Finals
1 2 3 Total
Montreal Maroons 3 3 4 3
Toronto Maple Leafs 2 1 1 0
Location(s) Toronto (Maple Leaf Gardens) (1,2)
Montreal (Forum) (3)
Format best-of-five
Coaches Montreal: Tommy Gorman
Toronto: Dick Irvin
Captains Montreal: Hooley Smith
Toronto: Hap Day
Dates April 4 to April 9
Series-winning goal Baldy Northcott (16:18, second, G3)

The 1935 Stanley Cup Finals was contested by the Montreal Maroons and the Toronto Maple Leafs. The Maroons would win the series 3–0 to win their second and final Stanley Cup. The Maroons are the last defunct team to ever win the Cup, as the team would disband 3 years later.

Paths to the Finals[edit]

Toronto defeated the Boston Bruins in a best-of-five 3–1 to advance to the final.

The Maroons had to play a total-goals series; 1–0 against Chicago Black Hawks, and win a second two-game total-goals series 5–4 against the New York Rangers.

Game summaries[edit]

Maroons manager-coach Tommy Gorman became the only coach to win successive Stanley Cup titles with two different teams after winning with the Chicago Black Hawks in the 1934 Final.

It was the first all-Canadian final since the Maroons defeated Victoria in 1926. Maroons goaltender Alex Connell allowed just four goals in the three games.

Montreal won the series 3–0

Montreal Maroons 1935 Stanley Cup Champions[edit]



Coaching and administrative staff:

Stanley Cup engraving

  • Bill MacKenzie was loaned to New York Rangers on 1935-01-29. In the Stanley Cup Semi-Finals, the Maroons defeated the Rangers, while MacKenzie played in a losing cause for the Rangers. He was included on the Stanley Cup and team picture. However, under NHL rules MacKenzie was disqualified from winning the Stanley Cup, because he was a member of the Rangers when the Maroons won it. MacKenzie only played 5 games for the Maroons in 1934-35 season. He officially won the Stanley Cup Chicago in 1938.
  • In 1934 Tommy Gorman (Manager-Coach) led the Chicago Black Hawks to the Stanley Cup. In the off-season Gorman was fired after a dispute with President/Owner Fredric McLaughlin. Montreal Maroons hired Gorman as (Manager-Coach) and he led Maroons to the Stanley Cup. He became only Manager and/or Coach to win back to back Stanley Cups with 2 different teams. Player
  • Lionel Conacher also won back to back cups with Chicago Black Hawks 1934 & Montreal Maroons in 1935.
  • Montreal Maroons did not include any playoff scores in 1935.

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