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Years in rail transport

This article lists events related to rail transport that occurred in 1935.


January events[edit]

  • January 2 – Chicago and North Western Railway begins 400 passenger train service between Chicago, Illinois, and Saint Paul, Minnesota; it was so named because the 400 mile trip was intended to take 400 minutes, though that pace wasn't quite reached until a few months later. Still, it was believed to be the fastest train in the world over a distance greater than 177 miles (285 km).[1]
  • January 28 – To mark completion of the electric line from Washington, D.C to New York City, the Pennsylvania Railroad runs a special train pulled by PRR GG1 4800, the electric locomotive making a round trip from D.C. to Philadelphia setting a speed record on the return run of 1 hour 50 minutes.[2][3][4] The line, with the GG1 locomotives, begins regular revenue service on February 10.
  • January 31 – Union Pacific Railroad's M-10000 enters service as the City of Salina between Salina, Kansas, and Kansas City. The 116 seat train carries an average 280 passengers per round trip.

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