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1936 in New Zealand
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The shape of New Zealand politics for the next five decades was defined when, in the aftermath of their heavy defeat by Labour, the United and Reform parties merged to form the New Zealand National Party. In the meantime, the Labour government began implementing significant social changes.


A census was held in March 1936.

Male Female Total
Usually resident population 796,152
Overseas Visitors 2,931 1,650 4,581
Total 799,092 774,720 1,573,812


Regal and viceregal[edit]


The 25th New Zealand Parliament continued with the Labour Party in government.

Parliamentary opposition[edit]

Main centre leaders[edit]


  • 25 March: First session of the 25th Parliament commences.[3]
  • 11 June: Parliament goes into recess.
  • 21 June: Parliament resumes.
  • 31 October: First session of the 25th Parliament concludes.

Arts and literature[edit]

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  • Radio broadcasting of sessions of Parliament commences.[4]

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  • The 45th National Chess Championship was held in Christchurch, and was won by A.W. Gyles of Wellington.[5]


  • The 26th New Zealand Open championship was won by Andrew Shaw, his 7th title.[6]
  • The 40th National Amateur Championships were held in New Plymouth [7]
    • Men: J.P. Hornabrook (Manawatu)
    • Women: Miss E. White-Parsons

Olympic Games[edit]

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Harness racing[edit]


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Rugby league[edit]

New Zealand national rugby league team


  • An Australian national side tours New Zealand, beating the home team heavily in all three internationals:[10]
    • 4 July, Dunedin: NZ 1-7 Australia
    • 11 July, Wellington: NZ 0-10 Australia
    • 18 July, Auckland: NZ 1-4 Australia
  • The Chatham Cup is won by Western of Christchurch who beat Auckland Thistle 3—2 in the final.[11]
  • Provincial league champions: [12]
    • Auckland: Thistle
    • Canterbury: Western
    • Hawke's Bay: Watersiders
    • Nelson: YMCA
    • Otago: Seacliff
    • Southland: Corinthians
    • Wanganui: Thistle
    • Wellington: Hospital


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