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The 1937 College Football All-America team is composed of college football players who were selected as All-Americans by various organizations and writers that chose College Football All-America Teams in 1937. The ten selectors recognized by the NCAA as "official" for the 1937 season are (1) Collier's Weekly, as selected by Grantland Rice, (2) the Associated Press (AP), (3) the United Press (UP), (4) the All-America Board (AAB), (5) the International News Service (INS), (6) Liberty magazine, (7) the Newspaper Enterprise Association (NEA), (8) Newsweek, (9) the North American Newspaper Alliance (NANA), and (10) the Sporting News (SN).

Consensus All-Americans[edit]

For the year 1937, the NCAA recognizes 10 published All-American teams as "official" designations for purposes of its consensus determinations. The following chart identifies the NCAA-recognized consensus All-Americans and displays which first-team designations they received.

Name Position School Number Official Other
Clint Frank Quarterback Yale 10/10 AAB, AP, COL, INS, LIB, NANA, NEA, NW, SN, UP CP, CE, WC
Marshall Goldberg Halfback Pittsburgh 9/10 AAB, AP, COL, INS, NANA, NEA, NW, SN, UP CP, CE, WC
Joe Routt Guard Texas A&M 8/10 AP, COL, LIB, NANA, NEA, NW, SN, UP CP, CE
Byron White Halfback Colorado 7/10 AP, COL, INS, LIB, NEA, SN, UP CP, CE
Sam Chapman Fullback California 6/10 AAB, AP, COL, LIB, NANA, UP WC
Ed Franco Tackle Fordham 5/10 AP, COL, NW, SN, UP CP
Leroy Monsky Guard Alabama 5/10 AAB, AP, COL, LIB, SN WC
Andy Bershak End North Carolina 4/10 COL, NANA, NEA, SN CP, CE
Alex Wojciechowicz Center Fordham 4/10 INS, NANA, SN, UP CE, WC
Chuck Sweeney End Notre Dame 3/10 AP, NW, UP CP
Tony Matisi Tackle Pittsburgh 3/10 AAB, AP, NANA CE, WC

All-American selections for 1937[edit]



  • Ed Franco, Fordham (College Football Hall of Fame) (AP-1; UP-1; COL-1; CP-1; SN; NW)
  • Tony Matisi, Pittsburgh (AP-1; UP-2; INS-2; CE-1; WC-1; AAB; NANA)
  • Bruiser Kinard, Ole Miss (College and Pro Football Hall of Fame) (AP-3; UP-1; INS-1; NEA-1; CE-1; SN)
  • Ed Beinor, Notre Dame (UP-3; NEA-1; CP-3; WC-1; AAB)
  • Vic Markov, Washington (College Football Hall of Fame) (AP-2; COL-1; INS-1; LIB)
  • Jim Ryba, Alabama (INS-3; CP-1)
  • I. B. Hale, TCU (LIB)
  • Al Babartsky, Fordham (INS-3; NANA)
  • Fred Shirey, Nebraska (UP-2; INS-2; NW)
  • John Mellus, Villanova (AP-2)
  • Alexander Kevorkian, Harvard (CP-2)
  • Eddie Gatto, LSU (AP-3)
  • Jim Tipton, Alabama (UP-3)
  • Ted Doyle, Nebraska (CP-3)


  • Joe Routt, Texas A&M (College Football Hall of Fame) (AP-1; UP-1; COL-1; INS-2; NEA-1; CP-1; CE-1; SN; LIB; NANA; NW)
  • Leroy Monsky, Alabama (AP-1; UP-2; COL-1; INS-2; CP-2; WC-1; SN; AAB; LIB)
  • Vard Stockton, California (UP-1; INS-1; NEA-1; CP-1; NANA)
  • Gust Zarnas, Ohio State (WC-1; AAB; NW)
  • Phil Dougherty, Santa Clara (INS-1)
  • Hedwig, California (CE-1)
  • Frank Twedell, Minnesota (AP-2; UP-2; INS-3; CP-3)
  • Gregory Zitrides, Dartmouth (AP-3; INS-3)
  • Ralph Sivell, Auburn (AP-3; CP-2)
  • Albin Lezouski (AP-2)
  • Norman Buckner, Tulane (UP-3)
  • Steve Slivinski, Washington (UP-3)
  • Joe Nee, Harvard (CP-3)


  • Alex Wojciechowicz, Fordham (College and Pro Football Hall of Fame) (AP-3; UP-1; INS-1; CP-2; CE-1; WC-1; SN; NANA)
  • Carl Hinkle, Vanderbilt (College Football Hall of Fame) (AP-1; UP-2; COL-1; INS-2; CP-1; LIB)
  • Charley Brock, Nebraska (NEA-1)
  • Bob Herwig, California (College Football Hall of Fame) (UP-3; INS-3; NW)
  • Ki Aldrich, TCU (College Football Hall of Fame) (First pick in the 1939 NFL Draft) (AP-2)
  • Elmore Hackney, Duke (INS-2)
  • Phil Doherty, Santa Clara (CP-3)


  • Clint Frank, Yale (College Football Hall of Fame) ( AP-1; UP-1; COL-1; INS-1; NEA-1; CP-1; CE-1; WC-1; SN; AAB; LIB; NANA; NW)
  • Sid Luckman, Columbia (College and Pro Football Hall of Fame) (Second pick in the 1939 NFL Draft) (AP-3; UP-2)
  • Andy Puplis, Notre Dame (UP-3; CP-3)


  • Marshall Goldberg, Pittsburgh (College Football Hall of Fame) (AP-1; UP-1 [fb] ; COL-1; INS-1 [hb]; NEA-1; CP-1; CE-1; WC-1; SN; AAB; NANA; NW)
  • Byron White, Colorado (College Football Hall of Fame) (AP-1; UP-1; COL-1; INS-1; NEA-1; CP-1; CE-1; SN; LIB)
  • Corbett Davis, Indiana (First pick in the 1938 NFL Draft) (INS-2 [fb]; CP-1; WC-1; AAB; LIB; NANA; NW)
  • Davey O'Brien, TCU (College Football Hall of Fame) (AP-2; UP-3; CP-2 [qb])
  • John Pingel, Michigan State (College Football Hall of Fame) ((AP-2; INS-3; CP-3)
  • Bill Osmanski, Holy Cross (College Football Hall of Fame) (AP-2; INS-2)
  • Bob MacLeod, Dartmouth (College Football Hall of Fame) ((AP-3; CP-2)
  • Hugh Wolfe, Texas (UP-2)
  • Joseph Gray, Oregon State (AP-2)
  • Jim McDonald, Ohio State (Second pick in the 1938 NFL Draft) (AP-3)
  • Vic Bottari, California (College Football Hall of Fame) ((UP-3)
  • Andy Stopper, Villanova (INS-3)
  • William "Bullet Bill" Patterson, Baylor (CP-3)


  • Sam Chapman, California (College Football Hall of Fame) (AP-1; UP-1; COL-1; INS-2; CP-2 [fb]; WC-1; AAB; LIB; NANA)
  • Joe Kilgrow, Alabama (UP-2 [hb]; INS-1; CP-2 [hb]; SN; NW)
  • George Karamatic, Gonzaga (UP-2; NEA-1)
  • Johnny "Jelly Belly" Meek, California (INS-3 [qb]; CE-1)
  • Cecil Isbell, Purdue (College Football Hall of Fame) (AP-3; UP-3; CP-3)
  • George "Pinky" Rohm, LSU (INS-3)


Bold = Consensus All-American[1]

  • -1 – First-team selection
  • -2 – Second-team selection
  • -3 – Third-team selection

Official selectors[edit]

Other selectors[edit]

  • CP = Central Press Association: "Chosen by more than 30 captains of leading universities and college teams in every part of the country, the eighth annual Captain's All-American is presented herewith."[8]
  • CE = Collyer's Eye, selected by "sixty-seven nationally prominent football coaches, representing every major institution of learning, conference and district in the United States"[9]
  • WC = Walter Camp Football Foundation[10]

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