1937 Workers' Summer Olympiad

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1937 Workers' Summer Olympiad
1937 Workers' Summer Olympiad poster.jpg
Host cityAntwerp, Belgium
Nations participating15
Dates25 July 1937 (1937-07-25)
1 August 1937 (1937-08-01)
Main venueOlympisch Stadion
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The 1937 Workers' Summer Olympiad was the sixth edition of International Workers' Olympiads. The games were held from 25 July to 1 August at Antwerp in Belgium. They were originally planned for Barcelona 1936, but cancelled due the outbreak of the Spanish Civil War.[1]

1937 Olympiad was a joint event with the Red Sport International organized Spartakiads. It was the first time as a delegation from Soviet Union took part at the Workers' Olympiad.[2] German athletes no longer participated since the Workers' Gymnastics and Sports Federation of Germany had been banned by the Nazi regime in 1933.


Notable winners[edit]


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